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Behold the chance to explore the enchanting sights of Modena in Autumn! From the vibrant colours of the Este Ducal Gardens in the heart of Modena's historic centre to the truffles found naturally out in the countryside alongside fresh figs and prickly pears.

During this time of year, the vibrant hues of foliage create an absolutely breath taking spectacle within the public gardens. As for the cuisine - no visit to Modena would be complete without indulging in its Autumnal offerings.

Relish in a fresh truffle pizza, enjoy the aromatic coffee, or indulge in heavenly pumpkin pasta and delicious baked bread. In a country that passionately celebrates beauty, food, and joy it's effortless to surrender to temptation.

But it’s not just about eating authentic Italian dishes when in Modena, but about eating the right food for the season. Italian chefs are king of taking advantage of fresh produce. Although you won’t be looked down upon if you'd prefer to sample traditional pizza and gelato, most of Italy’s top restaurants follow the 4 seasons when rotating their menus.

What to Eat in Modena in Autumn?

Autumn in Modena offers a remarkable opportunity to explore the town's exquisite food and drink culture. Italy comes alive with festivals celebrating the abundant treasures of mushrooms, pumpkins and truffle or grape harvesting for their famous wine. Immerse yourself in the essence of this vibrant season and indulge in its gastronomic delights!

Curious to explore further? Take a plunge into our assortment of Modena's quintessential autumnal delicacies, prevalent in numerous traditional dishes during this time of year.


Truffles, the revered aromatic treasures of Italy and beyond, are elusive and impossible to cultivate artificially. They hold an expensive and prestigious reputation. Don't miss out on the delectable varieties available exclusively in October and November!


Autumn is incomplete without pumpkins! They effortlessly turn into delicious dishes, from roasted pumpkin appetizers to indulgent pumpkin risotto. But it's the exquisite tortelli di zucca, with luscious pumpkin-stuffed pasta, that steals the show.


Modena in Autumn brings the delightful tradition of chestnut indulgence. Italians relish the mild weather, venturing into chestnut woods to forage for these delectable nuts. The street food scene comes alive as vendors tempt visitors with warm bags of roasted chestnuts at every corner.

Indulge in the culinary delights of chestnut gnocchi or a delectable chestnut and mascarpone dessert. Immerse yourself in the essence of autumn and delight your taste buds with the captivating flavours of Italian cuisine.

Figs and Prickly Pears 

Savour the pleasure of plucking figs from lush trees. In September, these aromatic delights fall gracefully. Enjoy them in a warm arugula salad, complemented by silky burrata cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Alternatively, relish their sweetness straight from the tree or pair them with cured meats like prosciutto and an array of exquisite cheeses.

Food and Drink Tours in Modena in Autumn

Soak up Modena's street food this Autumn and indulge in authentic local cuisine or treat yourself to a dining experience at a popular restaurant. If you need help creating an unforgettable experience, our dedicated team is here waiting! Reach tabl. via our live online chat or email us at [email protected]. Do you wish to know more about the famous food of Modena, Italy? Then click here to take a look at another recent blog.

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