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The region of Emilia Romagna and in particular the food in Modena, is renowned globally for the exceptional quality of locally grown produce and fine wines. The rich gastronomy and culinary food experiences in Modena range from tantalising Italian classics to locally caught seafood.

Being the second province in the region, Modena boasts an impressive array of PDO and PGI products, surpassed only by Bologna. This charming destination is renowned for its exquisite culinary delights, which captivate the hearts of both locals and tourists alike.

Travellers have been instrumental in helping to share the culinary traditions of this region around the world. This has led to the recognition of iconic products such as authentic Modena PDO traditional balsamic vinegar, famous Italian tortellini and delectable Modena PDO ham.

What Food is Famous in Modena?

Below are some of the most famous food in Modena, including a couple of cooking classes to help you expand your culinary reportoire!


These savoury favourites are made from a blend of flour, water, yeast and salt. Typically served alongside Cunza, a combination of minced lard, rosemary, garlic, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. 

Fried Gnocco

Another classic recipe that consists of a basic combination of fat, flour, salt and carbonated water, but without the addition of any yeast. An incredibly delectable fried gnocco pairs wonderfully with cold meats and cheeses.


A luxurious crispy crêpe is prepared by cooking it between two iron plates, secured on special tripods and gently rotated. A traditional delicacy is commonly seasoned with Cunza. However, it also offers variations for vegetarians and those with a sweet tooth to relish!

Modena Rosettes

A delectable dish, that stands out among the renowned Modena recipes. Crafted by delicately rolling pre-boiled pasta dough, combined with Vignola ham and thinly sliced provola cheese.

Cooking Classes in Modena

To fully savour the food of Modena, why not join a fun cookery course? Experience true Modenese lifestyle through 2 of our top cooking classes:

A Glimpse into the Life of an Italian with our Emilian Cooking Class

Join a culinary journey, where you'll cook, capture breathtaking moments, and create memories. Enjoy exquisite wine and an unparalleled experience that will captivate your senses.

Marvel in the host's closely guarded family recipes, like the irresistible Gnocco Fritto - a delightful appetizer that pairs perfectly with cured meats, cheeses, veggies, and sauces. This cooking class will fill your heart with a passion for the kitchen and your stomach with some incredible homemade cuisine.

Pasta Cooking Class in the Countryside of Modena 

Indulge in the artistry of delicately rolling and shaping dough with love and precision. Discover the secret to crafting irresistible pasta dishes, as you create pasta using your own hands. Embrace the joy of creating homemade pasta that will leave your taste buds longing for more.

After your labour, enjoy a delectable seasonal menu, paired with exquisite wines from an esteemed region. Celebrate a shared love for gastronomy, and experience the flavours of Italy first-hand.

Book Food and Drink Experiences in Modena with

Savour the renowned culinary delights and food in Modena with an authentic experience! Our exceptional team is ready to assist you with any inquiries via our live online chat or by email at [email protected]. Interested in learning more about Modena street food? Then you may be interested to read our recent blog here.

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