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The United Arab Emirates is well-known for its eclectic selection of fine cuisine from around the world. However, our authentic food and drink tours in Dubai are the chance to experience the true diversity of rich Arabic flavours and spices that lay at the very heart of traditional Bedouin cuisine.

With influences from India and Pakistan to Europe and the Mediterranean via the likes of Asian and Lebanese dishes, it's easy to overlook Dubai's own food heritage. Especially when many restaurants offer a buffet specialising in "world cuisine". As such, it can create a rather perplexing time deciding where to eat and drink as well as which menu to choose from.

Top 5 Authentic Food and Drink Tours in Dubai

With so many tourist options, you may miss out on the authentic food and drink tours in Dubai that help showcase just what makes this historical city so unique.

Dubai: Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage

Begin your trip to Dubai with a local expert and an introduction to Middle Eastern culinary traditions, featuring the very best in signature dishes.

Indulge in traditional Iraqi, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraqi and Syrian food, as well as authentic flavours from the United Arab Emirates.

Private Street Food Tour in Dubai

To really appreciate the origins of authentic food and drink in Dubai, we highly recommend this hand-picked street food tour. Sample tasty delights such as fried Samboussa or Velbouri from a vegetarian street food cart alongside dishes of Lebanese influence.

Meanwhile, across Dubai creek, there's a visit to the nearby traditional spice market - complete with its incredible aromas as you stroll past the numerous stalls. Not only that but there's also a chance to take a look at a lavish Indian temple - which is like a tour in itself!

Visit the Old Town and have Lunch with the Locals

We invite you to discover the daily life of a local in the historical district of Al Shindaga. As well as visiting the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, there's a tour of the coffee museum to sample traditional Arabic coffee.

After which cross Dubai Creek and stop off at Deira to visit two main markets: the Spice Suk and the Gold Souk. Then it's off to the Sheikh Mohammed area, to experience a traditional lunch in Dubai with an Emirati national.

Private Cultural Tour of Dubai (with Traditional Lunch)

Travel in luxury to the historic Al Fahidi district, home to art galleries and popular local restaurants. Before settling down to eat, guests can visit the Camel Museum and Horse Museum, along with the Heritage and Diving Villages.

The cultural tour continues to the Al Fahidi Fort, where you can experience traditional local life, exploring the narrow streets on foot. Here you will see Indian temples and the famous Mina Bazar. Finally, it’s time for possibly the day's highlight, as you're seated ready to savour a delicious traditional Arabic lunch.

Private Walking Tour with Breakfast in Old Dubai

Alternatively, how about starting your sightseeing tour with the most important meal of the day instead? The day ahead may well focus on other aspects of Emirate life, but with a hearty breakfast inside your stomach, you'll certainly be well-fed before setting off.

Plus, due to the fact this particular tour takes place in the old town, it's also a fascinating introduction to 1000's years of history. As for the evening, you'll have seen what life is really like in the backstreets of Dubai, along with some ideas of where to have dinner.

Book Authentic Food and Drink Tours in Dubai

Experience the most authentic tastes of the Emirate and broaden your culinary mind with our authentic food and drink tours in Dubai. Simply book online here before you travel or while on holiday in the comfort of your hotel.

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