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When it comes to vegan alcoholic drinks, there’s actually a far greater choice than people may first realise. As you can soon discover while on one of our drink experiences. What’s more, a lot of popular vegan alcoholic drinks are already among the more common brands. Although that’s not to say you shouldn’t still be careful and always check the label first.

Alternatively, use a well-respected app or website such as  in order for reassurance.

Top 5 Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

If you follow a strict vegan diet, then you need to be careful when booking drink experiences as a number of alcoholic drinks aren't vegan. While the use of fish bones and animal-based gelatines may not sound very appealing to the best of us, we often turn a blind eye. This may be due to the fact if you’re not already vegetarian or vegan, you’re already used to eating meat in the first place.

However, finding that perfect vegan alcoholic drink can lead to holding up proceedings when ordering. Likewise, if a nice bottle of wine is part of the regular weekly shop, whether your choice is vegan friendly isn’t always obvious upon first glance.

Therefore, we’ve taken a look at 5 popular (and in most cases) easily accessible vegan alcoholic drinks. Including lagers, craft beers, cider, wine and spirits that you are likely to find at your local retailer.

5 Popular Vegan Lagers

Here are a choice of 5 popular vegan lagers:

    • Carlsberg
    • Budweiser
    • Heineken
    • Grolsch
    • Stella Artois

There can often be a misconception with vegan lager, often thought upon as the filtration through fishbones being common-place. Especially among the lower price range, however, some of the most popular vegan lagers are in fact those found in your local pubs. Although because of that, it’s also worth pointing out Fosters and Carling (unlike its cider) are currently not vegan friendly.

5 Popular Vegan Craft Beers

Here are a choice of 5 popular vegan craft beers:

    • Beaver Town
    • Lost and Grounded
    • Magic Rock
    • Staggeringly Good
    • Punk IPA

For the vegan craft beer and real ale drinker, it can become even harder navigating your way through the pumps. In particular, due to many real ales using isinglass in the clarification process, a substance obtained from fish and also used in gelatine. What’s more, many breweries aren’t consistent across the brand line-up, so you can’t go by name alone. So with many small batches and a high-turnaround, it’s best to check on an individual basis.

5 Popular Vegan Ciders

Here are a choice of 5 popular vegan ciders:

    • Strongbow
    • Carling Cider Black Fruits
    • Old Mout Cider
    • Thatchers
    • Old Rosie

Given the concept of cider is essentially fermented fruit, you may well anticipate vegan ciders to be readily available. However, much like beers, cider can often use non-vegan ingredients within the process. As such, keeping an eye out for vegan ciders such as a traditional scrumpy from a farmers market can prove more appealing.

5 Popular Vegan White Wines

Here are a choice of 5 popular vegan white wines:

    • Tesco Pinot Grigio
    • Casa Roscoli
    • Silver Creek
    • The Black Pig
    • Bellissima Prosecco

The number of vegan white wines is on the increase, with organic and ethical vineyards becoming more popular than ever. As such, vegetarian and vegan drinkers will be pleased to hear the use of fishbones is starting to become easier to avoid. However, budget wines may still use the process, making choosing the most popular vegan white wines even harder!

5 Popular Vegan Red Wines

Here are a choice of 5 popular vegan red wines:

    • Casillero
    • Wrights Vineyard
    • Natura Merlot
    • Justin Wines
    • Stellar Organics

Red wines have been more vegan friendly for a while, although changes in trends and the demographic of the end customer has also dictated this. As a general rule, you can often gauge the likelihood of your red wine being vegan by the price point. Although, of course, we still highly recommend checking any alcoholic drink before opening.

What’s more, wine tours are also more likely to cater for the more ethical connoisseur.

5 Popular Vegan Spirits

Here are a choice of 5 popular vegan spirits:

Luckily things are much easier for spirit drinkers. Especially given the majority of the top shelf down your local pub or behind the off-license counter will be vegan friendly. After all, vegetables and natural ingredients are often the key ingredients, regardless of the brand name. Giving you a much wider choice without having to be too fussy.

Whichever vegan alcohol you fancy to drink, it is always down to the consumer to ensure they make the right choice. Therefore, as previously advised please always ask if you are unsure.

Likewise, by having a smartphone by your side, a quick search on Google can be enough. Meanwhile the website and app really does have a fantastic database. Where search results are clearly laid out so you can make an informed decision.

Book vegan-friendly drink experiences or food and drink tours with and see which are best for you.

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