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Our diverse selection of drink experiences gives you the opportunity for an authentic night out, discovering the best places to have a drink. As well as luxury champagne cruises, cocktail making evenings and ancient tea ceremonies. You can enjoy exotic and unusual drink experiences in any destination. In Ireland, why not find out how to correctly pour the ever famous pint of Guinness. Or, enjoy one of our superior whisky tours.

If you love to eat first and then to party, take a look at our tours in Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy a sumptuous meal, afterwards relax a while and sip delicious Caipirinhas that are renown in Brazil! The drink gets it ‘kick’ basically from their famous spirit called cachaça. Sugar, ice and freshly squashed limes are added to create a mix of tartness and sweetness, then topped with a deadly splash of cachaça. If you love partying, you certainly will after two or three of these bad babies!

However, if you are much more of a relaxing wine buff – then take yourself off on one of our exceptional wine destinations that can be found all around the world. Travel through delightful traditional villages and see the many scenic vineyards. We have amazing vineyards to visit all over, but especially in France and Spain! Plus, any wine questions you may have, then we can definitely help you, as we are also serious wine lovers!

Perhaps, you adore socialising whilst enjoying a drink that slides down the palette just right way. From fashionable dazzling cocktail gatherings, rich tea cuppa experiences and wine tasting sessions, we have something to pleasure even the most perceptive drinker. Discover amazing distillery tours, cultivate your passions for gin or whisky, and fully enjoy our extremely appetizing experiences.

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