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Italy is well known for its gorgeous food, so how about recreating authentic dishes with our top cooking classes in Rome? After all, you may have a favourite Italian restaurant back home, but there’s nothing quite like learning straight from the professionals!

You only have to think about stoned baked pizza or a dish of true Roman pasta to start getting a hunger for Italian cuisine. However, when it comes to the secrets of preparing traditional and local specialities, there’s far more to Italy than just the classics.

Top 5 Cooking Classes in Rome 1

Top 5 Cooking Classes in Rome

Why not visit a vibrant local market with your tour guide to choose fresh ingredients? Then, sit back and savour your own dishes, deliciously paired with a good glass of Italian wine.

Check out our top five cooking classes in Rome, ready to prepare some very special recipes.

Market Tour and Show Cooking at a Cesarina's Home

Le Cesarine are a network of home cooks and essentially the ambassadors of Italian culinary heritage. With insider knowledge of where to get the best produce, your lunch or dinner class starts in the heart of a local market in order to purchase your ingredients.

With recipes of Italian gastronomy handed down from generation to generation, being welcomed into a Cesarina's home is a fantastic cooking opportunity. Make sure you come hungry and ready to get stuck in during this amazing experience! You will make a meal consisting of four courses, as you sit down to eat with a selection of red and white wines.

Tiramisù & Gelato Making Tour from Rome

Learn how to make a perfect artisanal Tiramisù - from baking biscuits to constructing and eating the end result.

Although before making this delicious sweet there's an opportunity to taste world-famous gelato with your guide, just a couple of minutes away from the classroom kitchen. Then, under the supervision of a local chef - it is on with the apron, as you discover how to create a professional Tiramisù.

Top 5 Cooking Classes in Rome 2

Make Your Own Pizza - Create your favourite Pizza with a Local Chef

We couldn't suggest our top 5 cooking classes in Rome without mentioning at least one specialising in pizza! Authentic pizza is a symbol of Italy and although traditionally relatively simple in terms of ingredients, perfection comes with a lot of skill and creativity.

Your chef will divulge all the tricks of the trade to help create a tasteful homemade dough, while the topping is largely down to your own choice. Afterwards, take a seat and enjoy your homemade pizza with a good glass of wine.

Small Group Market tour and Cooking Class in Rome

Here our local hosts are proud to share their passion for Italian gastronomy. Visit the local market with your host, who will show you how to select the best seasonal ingredients. Then, head off to a local Cesarina's home and enjoy the class.

You'll be taught how to make an iconic Pasta recipe as well as a classic Tiramisu. Afterwards, everything you've prepared for dinner is served with a selection of local wine. This experience is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the real Italian culture!

Top 5 Cooking Classes in Rome 3

Classic Rome Cooking Class

This is a 3-hour shared cooking class in Rome. You can choose to make an Italian classic such as pasta, pizza or gelato. Whatever you decide, you'll be cooking from the freshest Italian ingredients using recipes that have long become Italian standards.

Your friendly chef will help you prepare either savoury or sweet dishes in a fun, relaxed and hands-on environment. The class ends with a shared feast, as well as a celebratory glass of prosecco and hopefully shared with some new-found friends.

Top 5 Cooking Classes in Rome

Our selection of cooking classes in Rome is a great way to combine both culture and cuisine in a relaxed environment, with many suitable for all the family. Add a food and drink experience in Rome to your itinerary and book a class with before you travel.

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