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If you're planning a trip to the French capital, then when it comes to the nightlife in Paris you will have plenty to see and do. Whether packing your bags or orchestrating a thorough itinerary, the lead-up before a trip is often intense. To minimise this stress, check out our insightful guide to the best nightlife in Paris.

The below has you covered, from flavourful foods to dynamic drinks, booming bars and cool clubs. Read on for the must-see stops and how to explore Paris by night. See why it's known as the City of Light and watch as it comes alive. Get on your glad rags and pull out your dancing shoes to paint the town red, blue and white!

The Best Nightlife in Paris 1

The best districts to visit for great nightlife in Paris

Paris is a fantastic city to visit for many reasons. Its variety of areas and subcultures allow it to offer qualities that appeal to everyone. Unlike many other European cities, the diverse scenery of Paris means the nightlife is scattered across the city. Fortunately, Paris is known for its legendary nightclubs and bars, so a fun nightlife experience is always close.

Below is a list of the districts to visit for the best Paris nightlife:

Oberkampf is particularly popular with young crowds due to its busy and trendy sets.

Bastille is perfect for partygoers and offers various venues such as live bands, jazz, techno, Latin clubs, classy clubs and dive bars.

Le Marais is one of Paris' historic party areas, now known for its LGBTQ+ clubs, pubs and cafes, making it a perfect hub for all partygoers.

Pigalle is a long stretch of pubs, restaurants and theatres which boasts the renowned Moulin Rouge cabaret.

Belleville is an artistic district with an authentic bohemian vibe and prices that won't break the bank. Surrounded by dirty dive bars and live music venues that stay open into the early hours.

The best food spots in Paris

It's best to start your night with some delicious food. Paris has so many authentic and beautiful restaurants to choose from; sample some classic dishes or more contemporary offerings and indulge in a taste of France.

Here are just a few:

Bistro Deux Théâtres is an authentic bistro serving your favourite French cuisine in a candlelit, vintage theatre-styled room.

Pink Mamma is a botanical-style restaurant with an array of nature, calming plants, soft green and gold colours and plenty of natural light in this modern, open space; their range of cuisines is perfect for everyone.

Dad's Den is a hip and trendy must-try featuring a variety of aesthetics in each room. Natural wood-dimmed lights and LED accents make this spot unique and cool, with delicious courses to try.

7éme Vin is a quant and classic French café perfect for an intimate meal or a quick bite.

Murillo is a luxury restaurant with beautiful outdoor seating and a gorgeous rooftop terrace; perfect indoor and outdoor seating for all weather and excellent food and wine.

The Best Nightlife in Paris 2

The best cocktail bars to try

Paris is adorned with fabulous cocktail bars to try. So if you fancy a tasty bar crawl with lots of fun, unique experiences, then check out this list:

The Bar at The Ritz provides an upscale cocktail bar and luxury experience. This lavish bar serves classic and signature drinks.

The Broken Arm is much more relaxed, with a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere popular with locals and tourists alike. The menu offers classic and creative mixes.

At Bisou, you can watch the magical masterclass that is their resident mixologist at work. There's no menu, just your taste buds and the genius that is Nicolas.

Le Syndicat is a popular speakeasy located in an underground cellar offering creative cocktails and customisable drinks. A unique cocktail experience below the city of Paris.

The best bars in Paris

There are also many regular bars – as regular as they can be in the vibrant nightlife of Paris and below is a list of our favourites to visit for a drink on your night out:

Billili doubles as a wine bar and bistro with a simple aesthetic but sensational menu.

Taqueria & Hidden Bar is the most famous place in Paris for Mexican food. The taqueria is at the front, but through the hidden back door, you will find the intimate Hidden Bar with a drink selection that challenges the best in the city.

10 BAR Odéon offers the perfect sangria recipe (when in Paris?!) and an affordable list of drinks.

The best clubs in Paris

If you're an avid partygoer, your night out may need to include some dancing. If you're looking for a boogie, lights and a late night, then check out this list of the best clubs to visit during your trip to Paris:

At The Rex club, you can immerse yourself in sound at this hotspot for electronic music nestled under the historic Grand Rex cinema.

The Petit Bain club is in a picturesque location by the Seine in Paris's southeast district. It includes a restaurant, rooftop bar and 450-capacity music venue, all in one place!La Bellevilloise is a smaller venue featuring a varied line-up: hip-hop, soul, funk and jazz.

The Best Nightlife in Paris 3

The best night experiences to try in Paris

If you're looking for something even more special, why not try one of these unique experiences:

The Moulin Rouge show is a must-do experience while in Paris. The notorious cabaret was borne out of the city. Book a table to witness the show, or book one of the many experience bundles offering drinks included.

An organised pub crawl in Paris' Latin quarter will hit all the best spots.

Vauz-Le-Vicomte offers a candlelit food and drink experience accompanied by a stunning landscape and historical buildings.

A romantic Seine River Cruise offers an illuminated trip along the Seine at night, accompanied by dinner.

Experience the Nightlife in Paris

We hope this guide helps with your plans to enjoy the nightlife in Paris, one that comes with delightful food and drink experiences thanks to

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