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With Mimo Cooking School you can learn how to prepare for any occasion that requires some great home-cooked food. Whether that's authentic tapas for your guests or taking a family meal to new, gastronomic heights.

Where is Mimo Cooking School, San Sebastián?

Mimo can be found at the following location:

Calle Okendo 1 bajo,
20004 Donostia SS

Phone: +34 943 06 20 18

Bookings: Contact [email protected] or message via our live online chat.

Learn more about San Sebastián's Leading Cooking School, Mimo! 1

The art of team building at Mimo Cooking School 

Mimo's mission is to embody the 5 C's that form the bedrock of successful teamwork! Solid communication, great camaraderie and unwavering commitment as you grow in confidence with the ability to be coachable.

Experience a plethora of team-building cooking activities, including a flexible and open approach to any ideas you may already have in mind. For the more adventurous groups, Mimo can even assign specific roles to each team member, such as head chef, sous chef, and kitchen porter.

Daily Cooking classes at Mimo Cooking School

Uncover the art of crafting exquisite tapas at one of San Sebastian's most renowned culinary schools. Immerse yourself in market excursions in search of the freshest ingredients. These prestigious cooking classes will elevate your culinary prowess and refine your skills in the kitchen!

Special Occasion Celebrations with a Cooking Party

Experience the creation of your dream party with Mimo. A cooking party is a celebration where food takes centre stage, imparting an extra touch of uniqueness to your event.

There are various options available, ranging from captivating culinary performances. to delightful sweet parties. The school can offer tailor-made events that transcend imagination.

Learn more about San Sebastián's Leading Cooking School, Mimo! 2

Gastronomic Food Tours in San Sebastián

Let knowledgeable guides lead you through the charming, narrow streets, revealing the city's hidden delights and enticing flavours. Discover three of Mimo's culinary food tours in this charming town and embark on an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. 

San Sebastián Pintxos and Dinner Wine Tour

San Sebastián’s famous Old Town is filled with tasty Basque tapas, called pintxos. But finding the best ones requires some artistry. Experience a local's night in San Sebastián with Mimo’s friendly and knowledgeable guides.

A wonderful foodie journey through the city's vibrant culinary scene in the evening. Experience succulent prawns and baby squid to exquisitely seared steak. The Pintxo hunt unveils a nightly selection, blending traditional establishments with cutting-edge bars.

San Sebastián Pintxos and Lunch Wine Tour

Treat yourself at lunchtime in the vibrant soul of the city, with a delectable and truly extraordinary lunch experience that will tantalize our taste buds and leave you craving more. 

Enjoy seasonal flavours, relishing every delectable bite in the enchanting ambience. A thrilling and mind-expanding adventure that will lead you to some seriously awesome hidden gems!

Private San Sebastián Pintxos and Wine Tour

Experience an exclusive evening in San Sebastián, immersing yourself in the local culture with a private tour. Let Mimo's Basque guides, known for their warmth and expertise, lead the way, ensuring a truly memorable outing.

Visit an array of traditional spots, trendy bars, and exquisite gourmet cuisine. Our expertly crafted pairings of cider, local whites, and reds will satisfy your thirst and enhance the perfect Pintxo tour.

Book Cooking Classes in San Sebastián with Mimo Cooking School

Feel free to contact us here at anytime or reach out via our live online chat if you have any questions about Mimo Cooking School or their amazing food tours. We're here to help and would be delighted to assist you in booking your next culinary adventure.

What is the Average Cost of a Cooking Class in San Sebastián?

At, we've compiled the key information to assist you in determining if a cookery class is suitable for you, while also providing insights into the associated costs and benefits. Read this article What is the Average Cost of a Cooking Class in San Sebastián? for more information.

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