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As well as more expensive VIP courses, the average cost of cooking classes in San Sebastián starts from less than £80 per person. However, for those that are a little more special or private one-on-one lessons, travellers should expect to pay a little bit extra.

At, we've compiled the key information to assist you in determining if a cookery class is suitable for you, while also providing insights into the associated costs and benefits. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about this culinary experience.

The Average Cost of a Cooking Class in San Sebastián

Discover the secrets of Basque Country's cuisine in a cooking class. Learn how to cook iconic dishes and immerse yourself in the local markets, pick fresh ingredients with your chef /host, and elevate your cooking skills.

Experience our amazing selection of cooking classes in San Sebastiá, with a starting price of an incredible £77. At the lower end of your budget, there's a chance to enjoy the art of crafting the perfect traditional Spanish omelette - a staple for many authentic restaurants:

Master the Art of a Spanish Omelette

This esteemed Spanish delicacy, commonly referred to as the Spanish omelette, potato omelette, or Spanish frittata, is an authentic culinary masterpiece. Spanish tortilla effortlessly combines simplicity and sophistication, 

As part of this delightful experience, you will receive a charming souvenir apron, a copy of the meticulously crafted recipes, delectable food, and the option to indulge in your choice of wine or a selection of refreshing soft drinks.

Our cooking classes typically have an average cost of around £150. What's even better is that, on the tour mentioned below, this price also includes a delightful visit to the local market.

Basque cuisine class, including a visit to the market

Enjoy a colourful market visit and a wonderful Basque cuisine cooking class. This experience starts at 10am and ends at 3:45pm. Discover the authentic secrets as you explore locally-sourced ingredients and connect with skilled artisans shaping the region's culinary heritage.

Delve into a hands-on cooking experience. From traditional classics to contemporary delights, explore a wide array of cooking techniques to create iconic Basque dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

Private Cooking Classes in San Sebastián

However, if you're looking for a truly distinctive experience, why not treat yourself to a private VIP one-on-one Michelin cooking class with a skilled and experienced chef? One of the exceptional selections starts from £479, explore the details of our favourite opportunity below.

VIP Culinary Experience: Michelin Secrets 1:1 Cooking Class with a Private Chef

Join our VIP Michelin Star Cooking Class for a gastronomic adventure. With a Personal Chef, master the art of crafting a flawless tasting menu inspired by San Sebastián's cuisine. 

Enjoy a hands-on cooking class followed by a delicious lunch paired with curated wines. Cook and feast on dishes you have made - like Oysters with Navarra rosé mousse, egg and eel Fritter, "Pasta" with jam broth and carbonara sauce, and Sole with vegetables. Finish with a heavenly Roca Chocolate Soufflé.

Book a Cooking Class in San Sebastian with

Discover a wide selection of affordably priced cooking classes in San Sebastian! Our helpful team is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to cater to your needs. Reach out to us via live chat or email at [email protected]. Learn more about what makes San Sebastian the food capital of the world here.

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