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As the beautiful capital of Portugal, food and drink tours in Lisbon are as much about the local culture as they are the nation's favourite cuisine.

Lisbon is also great for those travelling on a budget, as there are plenty of free outdoor attractions and museum admission costs are minimal. This is particularly true when it comes to independent bars and cafes offering lunchtime deals. As a result, providing humble traditional food such as cod, potatoes and rice.

However, if you're a foodie with high standards, there's no shortage of stunning fine-dining restaurants to try.

Meanwhile, the bars in Lisbon vary from old liqueur establishments to up-market cocktail bars.  The cocktails are amazing and at affordable prices. Although if you fancy something different, enjoy a glass of gorgeous Ginjinha, the local liqueur.

Food and Drink Tours in Lisbon

When it comes to tantalising your tastebuds, food and drink tours in Lisbon are the ideal night out. Especially if you're after honest, traditional and authentic local cuisine.

Bifana Sandwich

This is a Portuguese signature favourite. Comprising of sautéed, marinated pork that is stuffed inside a crispy roll. It is a delicious meal if you add some French fries and a glass (or two) of Sagres beer.

Salted Cod

While cod features heavily on a traditional Portuguese menu, salted cod is particularly popular within Lisbon. With variations served at a host of restaurants, from using aged old family recipes through to gastronomic fine-dining.


This is a delightful snack to enjoy whilst having a glass of wine or a beer with friends. The petiscos dish varies in different bars. Some menus can offer just pão (bread) or azeitonas (olives). Other larger places offer dishes such as octopus salad) or cod patties. In Lisbon and Porto, the dishes are usually unique to that bar and serve different sorts of Portuguese favourites.

Grilled Sardines

The best-grilled sardines need to be fresh, moist, flavoursome and grilled to perfection on a charcoal grill. During your Lisbon trip, do visit Casa do Peixe, a small restaurant inside the Saldanha food market. This eatery is always full of locals who love to eat the grilled sardines and fresh fish.

Azeitão Cheese

Azeitão Cheese is one of the best gastronomic specialities of Lisbon. It is a cheese with a strong aroma and flavour that is a perfect starter. Also try it with bread as a snack any time of the day, with a glass of good Portuguese wine.


This dish is a Portuguese sausage made from chicken or game combined with bread and fat, giving it a smoky flavour. Served with homemade chips, makes them a good affordable filling meal.

Book Food and Drink Tours in Lisbon

Enjoy the very best food and drink to try during your trip to Lisbon with Where we have a selection of food and drink tours in Lisbon, wine tours and food experiences available to book online. As well as new tours and experiences regularly being added, you'll be wanting to return for seconds.

Interesting Facts About Lisbon Wine

This article Interesting Facts About Lisbon Wine will explore some interesting facts about Lisbon wine tours, such as the types of wines you can expect to try and the places you'll visit.

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