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The United Arab Emirates is a first-class destination for food and drink in Dubai.  The food scene is amazing, with restaurants in Dubai serving up international cuisines from all over the world.

Many of the restaurants and hotels feature incredible views, towering above the city as you look out over the whole of Dubai. In the evenings, diners can expect food and drink in Dubai to be a civilised experience, while daytime is a chance to explore the street markets.

Food and Drink in Dubai

Below we take a look at some of the best food and drink in Dubai, from street food to that available at fine-dining restaurants.


A hearty rich, flavoursome tomato-based stew that uses classic Arab spices. It is mainly made with chicken or lamb, and is often eaten in the fasting time during Ramadan. The stew has a mix of different vegetables with herbs such as turmeric, cumin and beza.

Al Machboos

A popular dish across the Arabian Peninsula, this authentic rice dish is a speciality in Emirati cooking. It is prepared in huge pots with meat, onions, and the exotic flavours of baharat (an Arab spice mix) and loomi (dried limes). It is made using chicken or seafood variations.


This is a sumptuous zesty salad combining tomatoes, green onions and cucumber and seasoned with fresh mint and lemon juice. It is a really good partner for a rich meal, and a good healthier option.


A Lebanese traditional dish that is usually eaten at breakfast in Dubai. It is basically a flatbread with a crispy outside and soft interior. It is normally topped with Akkawi cheese, herbs and olive oil, and can include fresh vegetables and fried eggs.


A chebab is a pancake with a sweet sauce that is just bursting with sour cheese and sweet date syrup, then heated up. The cooking process allows the sweet and sour flavours that are mixed, to make a wonderful flavour that’s like a rich Swiss fondue.

Drink Experiences in Dubai

Please note alcohol rules are completely different to that in other places of the world. Visitors tend to think that you cannot drink alcohol in Dubai. However, this is incorrect, although there are strict guidelines in place.

As such, you can drink in Dubai if you are a tourist, however, remember to stick to designated areas. Although there are bars and restaurants in Dubai, you cannot be seen drinking in public or indeed appear intoxicated, in a public place.

Below are 3 delectable, albeit pricey, special drinks to look out for:

The Luxurious Scottish Drink

Indulge on a 55-year-old Scottish beverage (Sky View Bar has it on ‘slightly’ on offer). It arrives with sparkling ice cubes that are actually made from Scottish waters. The drink is also served in an 18-carat tumbler and the cost is a mere £5,798.00!

A Fine Tipple

This is a magnificent cocktail that includes sherry, grapefruit, orange sherbet, maraschino and champagne another gorgeous but expensive drink.

Blueberry and Ginger Sour

This blackberry and ginger-infused cocktail include plenty of fresh fruit and crushed ice. Apparently, the infamous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp drinks this each time he visits Dubai.

Food and Drink Experiences in Dubai

Whether you are visiting the UAE for business or pleasure, you can enjoy some of the most incredible restaurants in Dubai. Take a look at and see why Dubai has become one of the most popular foodie tourist destinations in the world.

Luxury Restaurant Experiences in Dubai

Dubai’s restaurant scene is well-known for being among the best in the world - read on for insights on some of the Luxury Restaurant Experiences in Dubai

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