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Dubai’s restaurant scene is well-known for being among the best in the world; with luxurious restaurants offering cuisine from around the globe. The levels of extravagance in the United Arab Emirates are incredible, especially if it's your first time in the country

The city boasts kitchens owned by some of the most famous TV chefs and Michelin-Starred owners. All of whom trying to surpass each other with innovative cuisines from each and every continent.

It's also worth noting that most of the stunning restaurants can be found inside the city’s towering deluxe hotels. Often matched by unbeatable views looking out over the city's landscape.

Luxury Restaurant Experiences in Dubai

If your goal is to embrace the very essence of Dubai's culinary scene, then we have some of the finest and most luxurious restaurant experiences available.

Enigma-Taste of Persia at Versace Dubai

Inspired by the Iranian origins of Michelin-starred Executive Chef Mansour Memarian, the taste of Persia comes to Dubai with this amazing luxurious restaurant experience.

Whether you're a guest or just dropping in for dinner, the Versace Hotel is a fabulous place to visit for any special occasion. Delight in seasonal tastes and flavours with a gorgeous selection of signature Persian dishes. Guests can either relax outdoors with beautiful views of the main pool or within the airconditioned dining room overlooking Dubai Creek.

Thai Dining Experience in JW Marriott

For amazing cuisine and an unrivalled ambience, the Tong Thai restaurant is a fabulous luxury restaurant experience in Dubai and certainly one in high demand! The restaurant can be found on the 4th floor of JW Marriott Marquis, one of Dubai’s most famous hotels.

The impeccable menu offers unique provincial plates revelling in the flavours of traditional street food and authentic fine-dining dishes. A superbly intimate dining experience in a sophisticated restaurant, complete with stunning views.

Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen 3-Course Set Menu

This 3-starred Michelin restaurant takes its inspiration from Chef Ramsey's signature dishes. It may have become world-renowned due to the television show of the same name, yet despite the bravado, dinner at Hell's Kitchen can be a much more relaxed experience than you may expect!

Located in Ceaser’s Palace, Dubai, Gordon Ramsay has brought together an exceptional team personally overseen by the celebrity chef himself. Needless to say, only the highest quality dishes make it out of the kitchen and onto the pass.

Atlantis Japanese Dining in Nobu Restaurant

This unusual restaurant offers a fabulous dining experience in an enchanted setting. As undoubtedly one of the most famous restaurants in the world, needless to say, Nobu is often fully booked weeks in advance.

The head Chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, offers inventive cuisine with a twist on Japanese dishes that often use South American ingredients. The interior embraces a superior design reminiscent of Japanese Zen gardens, providing diners with a taste of Japan in the heart of Dubai.

Dining Experience in Burj Al Arab

Immerse yourself in the height of luxury restaurant experiences in Dubai, in one of the destination's most prestigious hotels. The ground-breaking architecture and the whole experience in general will leave you and your fellow guests speechless!

As well as afternoon tea served in the Sahn Eddar, included in the booking is a 90-minute Burj Al Arab guided. It's a chance to see first-hand the likes of the hotel atrium, a personally curated Experience Suite and take a sneak peek at the glamourous Royal Suite.

Luxury Restaurant Experiences in Dubai

Here at tabl. we promise the best luxury restaurant experiences in Dubai imaginable. We also have a vast selection of other food and drink experiences available, taking influences from around the world.

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