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It's hard to believe it was only about 50 years ago that Dubai was a tiny dusty desert town without any real food and drink scene to speak of.  Nowadays, it has well and truly been established as a tremendously fast-paced cosmopolitan city. One of which is notorious as a world leading culinary destination!

Of course, you can enjoy a superb Dubai food and drink experience with the optimum cuisine, without even moving from your hotel.  However, outside of the high-story seven-star hotel chains, there’s an alluring selection of basic options to explore too. With agreeably low prices that dispute Dubai’s standing as being lavishly expensive. It really depends on what you actually want.

Dubai Food and Drink Scene

Many of us may have misconceptions that the Dubai food and drink scene is a culinary playground for the rich and powerful. However, you can find delightful family restaurants tucked away from the tourist areas at a fraction of the cost.

Serving cultural age-old dishes that result in authentic delights, such as a regional take on Pakistan’s famous creamy tomato-based mutton Peshawari. This is slowly cooked in garlic and a fresh selection of spices until it is succulently tender, and is best wiped up with a delicious warm naan bread served straight from the oven.

Another well-known delicious meal is Iraq’s Masgouf. The dish centres around carp fish which has been slit along the backbone and hung on spikes over a pit fire inside a sauna. This would be a small room usually in the basement of the restaurant. The apricot wood allows the carp to have the earthy smoky flavour, whilst being basted in olive oil and turmeric. In fact, this dish is allegedly a special favourite of the French president Jacques Chirac.

For those who regularly get a hunger on – then do try out one of the many seriously decadent buffets serving in restaurants all over Dubai. Whether you fancy spicy, fragrant Indian buffets or prefer a huge selection of gorgeous local delicacies, the city caters for every need.

Although remember to ensure you bring a good appetite - you're going to need it to enjoy all the different types of cuisines the buffet restaurants offer. The total of options for all-you-can-eat foodie lovers is amazing.

The Local Dubai Drink Scene

Dubai is also very popular with ‘Ladies’ day and night buffet deals that often offer unlimited drinks and cuisine. Every evening or day, ladies can take their pick from oodles of places to acquire free drinks, discounted meals and free tapas bar selections. Although given the ever-changing alcohol laws in Dubai, we recommend you keep up to date on where and when you're allowed to drink.

Dubai these days boasts so many wonderful bars, world-famous nightclubs and trendy beachside retreats. The Marina is a fabulous place to check out the amazing cocktail scene. Take your pick among all the glitzy rooftop bars, serving unforgettable cocktails such as the 'Floradora’ or the ‘Love Potion’ served in a stylish flute of berries and topped with fresh raspberries and mint. Totally ‘heaven’! You will find experienced mixologists who can make any exotic cocktail crafted with your preferred base spirit.

There are also a good variety of international drinks available on draught – such as Heineken, Stella Artois, Asahi, Guinness and Thatcher’s cider. Wine, champagne and gorgeous Chablis are also available by the glass in many of the hotels and restaurants.

Dubai Food and Drink Experiences

Start planning ahead and book your dream holiday destination to the city that is bursting with luxury, culture and tradition. Enjoy the first-class international food and drink scene by booking one of our many Dubai food and drink experiences.

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