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Dining out at the best restaurants in Dubai must be up there as one of the ultimate foodie experiences. It’s the chance to eat at some of the most incredible and prestigious restaurants in the world. Food experiences in Dubai include celebrity chefs through to traditional buffets and international cuisine.

Dubai is known for its skyline field with high-rise buildings and exclusive hotels. The lavish lifestyle of wealthy locals is combined with that of food tourism and visitors from around the globe. As such, the United Arab Emirates attracts some of the world’s most established chefs. Resulting in some of the best restaurants in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

7 of the Best Restaurants in Dubai

As well as a tabl. providing tours and food experiences in Dubai, below we take a look at some of the city’s finest restaurants. Where you can indulge in the very best of the Dubai food scene.

Bread Street

Owner Gordon Ramsey may not deliver an authentic Emirate experience, but he’s certainly one of Dubai’s most notable celebrity chefs. Famous the world over, from his award-winning restaurants to high-profile TV shows, the chance to dine at the Michelin Starred Bread Street is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Recommended Dish: the Ramsey Roast


With panoramic views over the Dubai Deira Creek, here you will find true authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. This is traditional Arabic fine dining, without having to cost a fortune, although prices are still higher than your average restaurant due to the sheer quality.

Recommended Dish: Shabestan Speciality Platter


The Atlantis restaurant in the Palms specialises in taking guests on a culinary journey around the world. After all with a wide selection of buffet-style food, you’ll certainly want try some of everything. However, for an authentic foodie experience, ask for Emirate dishes made with local ingredients.

Recommended Dish: Any local produce from the buffet


An enigma is something of a mysterious nature. Which certainly rings true when you book a table at the Palazzo Versace Hotel restaurant. There’s no menu available, your food and drink experience in Dubai is a step into the unknown and at the hands of Enigma’s talented chefs.

Recommended Dish: Taste of Persia

Stay by Yannick Alleno

If you’re lucky enough to be residing at the One & Only Resort in Palm Jumeirah then Yannick Alleno will be your dinner host. This year Stay by Yannick Alleno was awarded its prestigious Michelin Star rating, in recognition for the restaurant’s incredible French-inspired cuisine.

Recommended Dish: Pear and Chocolate Viennetta

The Lounge

Fusion dishes are often popular among foodies with a taste for something different. It’s the chance to try creations you may not ever consider back at home. The Lounge is one such restaurant that pushes the boundaries of traditional flavours. When you book a table, ask to be sat on the outdoor terrace for incredible views of Dubai.

Recommended Dish: Yellowtail Maki


Overlooking the city of Dubai, Mediterraneo restaurant is located within the Burj Khalifa hotel. The worlds tallest building, standing at approx 828 meters. Which not only makes Mediterraneo one of the best restaurants in Dubai, but also one of the highest.

Recommended Dish: Mediterranean Buffet

Food and Drink Experiences in Dubai

If you wish to enjoy fine dining restaurants and food experiences in Dubai, book in advance with tabl. to avoid disappointment. As it will come as no surprise that some of the best restaurants in Dubai often come with a waiting list.

Drink Experiences in Dubai

Dubai's love of opulent socialising and luxury drink experiences hits you immediately. With its elegant lounges and rooftop bars, there really are certainly some incredible drinking experiences that cater for everyone. Read this article to find out more!

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