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Dubai's love of opulent socialising and luxury drink experiences hits you immediately. With its elegant lounges and rooftop bars, there really are certainly some incredible food and drink experiences in Dubai that cater for everyone.

Whether you're looking for an exclusive night out or a lively sports bar to catch up on the latest football, as well as catering for those of you after a more authentic view of the Emirates. We have a range of drink experiences available for you all. Including a plethora of coffee tours and social activities, alongside romantic champagne moments and cocktails with a view.

Although if you're over the age of 21 and searching for alcohol, please be aware of Dubai’s strict licensing rules. You're not allowed to drink in the streets or other public places, plus many of the locals abstain for personal and religious regions, hence why several of the best bars can be found within your hotel.

Top 5 Drink Experiences in Dubai 1

Top 5 Drink Experiences in Dubai

If you are looking to get out and about, then here are our current top 5 drink experiences in Dubai that include coffee and hot chocolate... along with something a little stronger.

Private Champagne Desert Safari

Instead of drinking at your hotel, why not do something a little different and escape the busy city to enjoy an intimate journey off into the desert? The safari drive will take you through the sandy dunes in style, as your personal 4x4 arrives at the Conservation Reserve.

Here you can watch the beautiful sunset while sipping a chilled glass of bubbly. Then it’s off to a traditional Arabic camp for an amazing dinner under the stars, complete with some traditional live entertainment.

Top 5 Drink Experiences in Dubai 2

Meet The Locals - Etiquette of Arabic Coffee

Enjoy some of the famous Arabic coffee with those who know it best. Find out how to differentiate between Emirati and Saudi Arabic beans and how they're presented. Hear stories from the locals and discover what exactly does the word ‘Mocha’ really mean?

Get all the answers during this interesting Arabic coffee drink experience in Dubai. You will learn about the many varieties there are available and the local etiquette when it comes to enjoying a morning cuppa. Accompanying this coffee tradition, guests are also served a selection of Arabic specialities or "Qahwa".

Two-Hour Arabic Coffee Experience with the Locals

While still on the coffee theme, this drink experience provides an alternative to the above. As well as learning about Arabic coffee, there are still plenty of snacks available - with an assortment of speciality Qahwa, dates and Emirati desserts.

Your welcoming hosts will introduce you to an Emirati tradition and their local culture. Pairing small but powerful cups of Arabic coffee with delicious Emirati delights. All the while, you're invited to discover the story of the secret shaking of the coffee cup.

Top 5 Drink Experiences in Dubai 3

Dubai: Chill Out Ice Lounge Bar

If you fancy a break from Dubai’s desert heat, then come and chill out at the coolest bar in the city! This is an unusual treat for all the family - with temperatures set to 6 degrees celsius, a rarity for the UAE.

The fabulous winter wonderland is just as popular among children, as literally everything in the interior is made from ice! This includes the furniture, walls and fascinating sculptures. Don't worry about getting cold though – you’ll be given thermal clothing, along with a drink of hot chocolate or cup of tea. Served with some delicious chicken bbq skewers to complete the experience.

Burj Khalifa tickets and The Lounge 152,153 and 154 Floor Ticket

Wowee - not only is this considered one of the top drink experiences in Dubai, but it's also the highest! Take in some of the best views of Dubai from a staggering 575 meters from the ground, with an entrance ticket to all three levels of the world's famous skyscraper.

Submerge into the clouds with a wonderful tour of the outdoor terrace. During which you can enjoy tea or coffee (maybe even a glass of bubbly or a cocktail), all of which are served with a selection of gourmet canapés.

Book the Best Drink Experiences in Dubai with tabl.

From coffee to cocktails – explore our inspiring Dubai drink experiences today. Here at tabl. we also have a range of dinner cruises, fine-dining restaurants and much more.

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