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When you head to the French capital, many things will be on your 'must-do' list. You can visit historic buildings and art museums, wander the beautiful neighbourhoods like Montmartre and hang out by the river.

Tasting the local cuisine is an inevitable part of a trip to Paris. With this, you will surely want to experience tasty beverages, and it's not all just red wine.

Drinks to Experience in Paris

We have pulled together ten incredible drinks you want to experience when you visit Paris - there is something to suit every taste!

1. Pastis

Pastis is known as one of the most traditional drinks in France. This spirit is often noted as the national drink and originates in the South of France. While Pastis may come from Provençe, you should try it while in Paris. The taste of liquorice hits your tongue on the first sip, sweet and sharp at the same time. You can find it in France's many cafes. Drink it with water or over ice for an authentic experience.

2. Café au Lait

While alcohol features prominently on this list, we must remember the wonders of French coffee. Café au lait is a simple morning pick-me-up you can find anywhere in Paris. This isn't a fancy frothy latte - it's just coffee with scalded milk. You may imagine a small cup of coffee, but rest assured you will get plenty of caffeine! Café au lait comes in large bowls, and you can enjoy it with fresh bread or pastries for the full Parisian breakfast experience.

3. The 75

Called Soixante-Quinze in French, you may have heard of this Parisian apéritif by the name French 75 or most usually 'The 75'. This might be a simple name, but this drink is incredibly decadent. Blending Champagne with gin and fresh lemon juice it is a celebratory drink, perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Named for the French 75mm gun from WWI, you may agree with the locals that drinking The 75 feels like a sudden shot!

4. Wine

Perhaps an obvious choice, but enjoying a glass of wine or Champagne in Paris is mandatory. It's hard to find a bad glass of wine in Paris, but you can drink like a local by choosing the right bottle. Summertime in the city signals the perfect time for a crisp rosé piscine; simply rosé wine served with ice cubes. For an even icier treat, a frosé is ideal for hot days! However, a crisp white or fresh Beaujolais is always a good choice. Ask for wine best complements your meal and what bar staff or servers recommend to find the perfect pick.

5. Diabolo Menthe

If you aren't drinking alcohol on your trip to Paris, don't let that hold you back. In the summer, you will find that the Diabolo cocktail is widely available. Simple to make and with plenty of variations, this drink mixes fresh lemonade (or 7Up!) with Teisseire syrup. You can choose from many different flavours of syrup. You might take yours with grenadine, passionfruit, or mint - the famous Diabolo Menthe. Perfect for children and adults alike, you can enjoy this summery beverage all year round. If you aren't into sparkling drinks, you can also ask for mint syrup mixed with ice water.

6. Chambord

Fruity and undeniably French, Chambord is a liqueur you will want to try. The raspberry-flavoured spirit has notes of vanilla and fresh berries. Said to have been created by Louis XIV, this drink has been beloved for decades. You should try Chambord the classic way - with Champagne for a Kir Royale cocktail. Or, simply sip it straight to taste all those luxurious flavours.

7. Chartreuse

This glowing green spirit is something of a legend in France. Said to have been created by monks attempting to make medicine, Chartreuse is known as one of the most unusually hued drinks in the world. With a blend of more than 130 ingredients, we may never know the secret behind it!

The resulting flavour is herbaceous with a little flourish of anise. You might find Chartreuse in many Parisian bars, where it can appear bright green or paler depending on its age and quality. Trying this drink is a real experience.

8. Bénédictine

Bénédictine is another surprising spirit and isn't as widely known as some other drinks on this list. Featuring more magic from the mixologist monks, if you believe the stories, it combines nearly 30 herbs and spices for a truly unusual taste. At 40% A.B.V., it's best to sip Bénédictine after dinner with good company and conversation. As you indulge in this plant-based drink, you can reassure yourself it was designed to be medicinal.

9. Créme de Cassis

Sticky and sugary, Créme de Cassis comes from Burgundy but is a must-try in Paris. With a rich purple shade and blackcurrant taste, it is best served after a meal as a digestif. However, it can also be mixed with white bubbles for a Kir cocktail, or white wine if you want some sweetness to counter a dry white wine.

10. Saint-Germain

Named for a popular area of Paris, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Saint-Germain is a newer spirit. Floral and fresh thanks to elderflower blossoms, it was officially established in the early 2000s. Most bars in Paris use Saint-Germain in some of their cocktails, mixing it with Champagne and Apérol for a celebratory drink.

Experience the best drinks in Paris with tabl.

These are just some of the beautiful drinks to experience in Paris. Booking a tour with tabl. is a perfect choice to enjoy some of these emblematic Parisian drinks while seeing some iconic sights.

Whether you want to try wine and cheese tasting, spend happy hour on the Seine, or sample famous apéritifs while soaking up the sights, there will be a tour to suit you.

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