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Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just enjoy drinking it and want to learn some more, Barcelona and the Catalan wine region is the perfect spot to head to on your travels. Barcelona and the Catalan Wine Region has a rich history with an eclectic approach to winemaking thanks to the many different terroirs. Here we delve a little more into the regions and why they are so great to head to for your next trip abroad.

Barcelona and Catalonia: famous wine regions

When you think of Barcelona, you probably think of a bustling city packed with tourists, buzzing restaurants, bars and historical attractions. Yet what you might not consider is the rich wine offering that is available when you head to one of their many drinking spots. There are a plethora of wine bars where you enjoy the best of the region, taking in the amazing scents and tastes. Spain is an incredible place for wine and has over 70 different recognised wine regions aside from some of the most well-known such as Rioja! A lot of locals tend to drink the wine that is from their own region and if you want to truly encapsulate the essence of a local, you should do the same. When in Barcelona there is no other wine to pick than those from the regions in Catalonia.

Barcelona and the Catalan Wine Region 1

Which are the best regions for wine in Barcelona?

When it comes to breaking down some of the best wine regions in Catalan and Barcelona, look no further than the next few suggestions:


Priorat wine region is a small wine region in Catalonia and is known for its red wines that are very intense in flavour. Due to their difficult mountainside location, the location didn't get the recognition of today until a few decades ago, yet since then has grown rapidly in popularity. The wine is made from grape varieties Garnacha and Cariñena and produces a high level of excellent quality wines. Due to these wines having a strong taste with an undercurrent of black pepper or spice, it is a good idea to pair these wines with foods of a similar characteristic. Drink when feasting on a steak with a peppercorn sauce or a spicy chilli dish to get the most from the flavours.


Alella is one of the smallest wine regions and also has a rich history dating back to the time of Ancient Egypt. It doesn't have the capacity to produce large quantities of wine, but what it does produce is of an excellent quality that continues to be loved all around the country. There are only nine wineries here yet they all share the same enviable location and due to being so close to the city of Barcelona, it is considered the world's only remaining "urban" wine region. They are popular for having low acidity and their red Maresme wines are some of the most favoured ones to be ordered in the city itself. The wines that this region is most famous for are its white wines that are made from the Xarel-lo or Pansa Blanca grape and they tend to be very fresh and light.

Pla de Bages

Pla de Bages is another example of a very small yet powerful wine region and it covers less than 600 hectares of land. This wine region is one of the newest and only acquired its official status in 1997, yet it makes some of the best quality wines. There are a number of small wineries here that produce a quintessential style of wine, set apart due to the soil types, selection of grapes that are grown and the different production methods that the winemakers in the area have. Some of the most popular wines that you can enjoy from this region include the Bodegas Abadal Picapoll, DO Pla de Bages and the Heretat Oller del Mas, Arnau Oller, Vi de Finca family selection, DO Pla de Bages so be sure to look out for these when you are visiting Barcelona and the Catalan wine region.

Barcelona and the Catalan Wine Region 2

How can I enjoy Barcelona and the Catalan wine region?

There are so many different things to do when you visit the Catalan wine region, it’s important to set aside some time to do it all. Think carefully about if there is a certain wine you want to try and if you want to go to a large vineyard or even try your hand at making wine yourself. When it comes to this travel destination you are spoilt for choice.

Explore the many wine bars the city has on offer

Barcelona is packed with a myriad of wine bars to experience. There are both large ones and tiny boutique ones depending on what you’re after. Wander around, explore and see what you can find! Here you can ask them which wines they recommend trying from the region.

Head on a wine tasting experience

If you are looking to sample a few different wines from Barcelona and the Catalan wine region, why not head to a wine tasting? These are offered both in wine bars and in the vineyards itself depending on the experience you want.

Go on a tour of a vineyard

When visiting the region, there is no better way to see the whole wine experience than by heading on a vineyard tour. With so many vineyards around you can experience one, two or even a few, seeing the difference between the way they operate and create their wines. It’s a great way to learn more about wine as well as sample some new ones.

Have a try at making your own cava

There are some great experiences with winemaking, such as making your own cava! Have a look and find out which excursions and experiences you can find that allows you to get hands-on with this fabulous wine region.

These are just a few fantastic ways you can enjoy Barcelona and the Catalan wine region. It’s a beautiful location with so much to give, you won’t be disappointed. Book a wine tour in Barcelona with

Barcelona and the Catalan Wine Region 3

8 of the Best Wine Regions in Spain

Officially there are over 100 areas within Spain recognised as their own, individual wine regions. As such, read this article and take a inside look at 8 of the best wine regions in Spain

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