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New York is a major city in the USA and is one of the most visited cities in the world. There is so much to do in New York that potential visitors may find it overwhelming. Whereby several food and drink tours would be needed alongside the regular attractions, just to see just half of the things on offer in the city. As well as the cultural and historical aspects of visiting New York, the city is also full of gastronomical delights, just right for any foodie tourist. Listed below are several options of things to see, places to stay and things to eat/drink in New York.

Where to stay in New York

New York is a huge city and as such, there are thousands of places to stay. The city contains five boroughs, with hotels, apartments, hostels & B&Bs present in all of them, to suit a range of different budgets.

The Dominick Hotel

The Dominick Hotel is located on Spring Street in Manhattan and has a fantastic reputation in the city. The hotel is decorated in a very stylish manner and also provides gorgeous views of the Hudson River and the Downtown area of Manhattan. It's also a great place for foodies to visit, with several eateries located on-site. In particular, Vestry is worth checking out, with food prepared by its Michelin starred chef, Shaun Hergatt.

Arlo Nomad

Arlo Nomad is a hotel located on East 31st Street in Manhattan. It's priced fairly cheaply (for a hotel in Manhattan), suiting those with slightly smaller budgets. As well as the gorgeous views of Midtown that are available from the hotel, it also has several restaurants and cafés on site. If you're thinking of staying here, check out Lamalo, the Middle Eastern-themed restaurant hidden away inside Arlo Nomad.

What to see in New York

There are lots of things for potential travellers to see and do when visiting New York - too many to be able to list them all here comprehensively.

Food and wine tours

As expected with a city this large, there are lots of different food and wine tours within New York for visitors to try. Ziggy's Hell's Kitchen Food Tours takes tourists around the Hell's Kitchen area on foot, an area that is renowned for having a lot of international food outlets. On this tour, tour-goers can taste a range of different culinary delights - this is a must-see for those into their more exotic foods. The Greenwich Village Literary Pub Tour is a tour based in the Greenwich Village area, which is well known for producing literary icons. This tour is ideal for those into their literature (poetry readings also sometimes occur), but a selection of beers and other alcoholic beverages can also be consumed on the tour.

Explore some of the ethnic neighbourhoods

New York City has lots of different neighbourhoods contained within the five boroughs - some of these places have huge numbers of people from different cultural backgrounds living there, shaping the neighbourhoods themselves. Places such as Little Italy, Little Greece, Koreatown or Chinatown are all must-sees, especially for those into their food. You are also more likely to get an authentic food experience from these areas, as the inhabitants are still largely of the cultural descent of those places the neighbourhoods are named after.


As with any other large city, New York has a range of indoor markets available to browse, which are popular with locals and tourists alike. Chelsea Market is located on 9th Avenue and sells a range of things, not limited to food. Some of the food and drink on offer here includes cheese and wine, for those wanting something a little more continental. Eataly is based on fifth Avenue and has a range of cafés and restaurants available to sample, as well as Birreria, a rooftop beer garden with fantastic views of the New York skyline. The food here is largely based on Italian cuisine.

What to eat and drink in New York

New York is a huge, multicultural city contained within the melting pot of the USA - as such, there are hundreds of different types of food and drink that tourists can try when visiting the city - listed below are some of the most popular things to try.


Brunch (a mixture of breakfast and lunch) is something of a New York tradition, especially on a Sunday. Some of the more popular brunch spots in the city include Penelope on Lexington Avenue & ABC Kitchen on East 18th Street. The Champagne Brunch Sail in New York City is a particular highlight, with this event giving visitors a huge brunch feast as they sail down the Hudson River on a boat cruise. This is a fantastic way to see some of the New York City landmarks, whilst also eating some delicious food.


New York is so famed for its pizza that a style of pizza is even named after the city. New York-style pizza has a thin crust and can be eaten at pizzerias, although it's commonly purchased in the form of a single slice and eaten as street food. There are hundreds of pizza emporiums located in the city - popular places to try include Russo's New York Pizzeria on East 11th Street and Kiss My Slice on West 40th Street. The pizza in the city is usually based around Italian ingredients, but other forms of pizza can also be found here.


Another staple food of New York are bagels. Traditionally associated with the Jewish community within the city, bagels are now popular with most locals and are a must-try for any tourists visiting the area. Particular favourites include the Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company on 8th Avenue, as well as Bagelworks on 1st Avenue. There are hundreds of bagel places to try and it's also a popular street food in New York City.

Food and Drink Experiences in New York

Browse our food and drink experiences in New York City here, where you'll find tours, activities, cooking classes and restaurants. As well as many other food and drink experiences, available to book ahead of your travels.

Popular American Street Food

It's common knowledge that American street food is the birthplace of beloved staples such as burgers and thick-crust pizzas, influenced by Italy. Yet, as you'll unveil on our street food tours, the selection is far more diverse. The offerings are remarkably varied, contingent upon the particular state of the USA you find yourself exploring. Browse this article Popular American Street Food for more information.

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