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We all know American street food is responsible for the popular classics of burgers and the Italian influenced thick crust pizzas. However, as you will discover on our street food tours there's far more to choose from. Many of which vary depending on which state of the USA you are visiting.

In fact, everywhere you travel in America, you’ll find people from numerous cultural backgrounds, putting their own take on American street food.

As for true authentic street food tours, the streets aren't always about fast food chains and corporate advertising. In fact, by booking a local tour guide, foodies can discover the real America, away from those well-known big names.

Popular American Street Food

Street food tours in America will often prove the down to earth cuisine can be relatively inexpensive. However, mobile food trucks and takeaways have also proved themselves popular for the quality of dishes available.

American Hamburgers

Given the word "hamburger" derives from the German city of Hamburg, it's exact origins are often disputed.  However, there's one thing for certain and that's the burger itself has certainly become acknowledges as symbolic of the American food scene.

Takeaway Pizza

While in Italy pizza's are about lovingly prepared dough and sparse toppings, the American equivalent go all out. In particular, "the Giambotta" is considered a signature dish. With pepperoni, regina sausage, salami, mushrooms, peppers, onions, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese. The best choice to satisfy all your pizza cravings at once!

American Hot Dogs

Hot dog stands can be found in parks, street corners and food markets. Often made with pork and chicken, beef, vegan and even duck varieties are also available. As for toppings, these can vary from city to city. In Seattle for example, they offer grilled onion with cream cheese. Whereas most places just serve the classic mustard dressing and optional ketchup.

Mac and Cheese

In essence, this is a popular American staple made from macaroni pasta and strong cheese. Delicious variations can be found in many takeaway trucks across the country, often including chopped bacon or mushrooms in vegetarian options. Alternatively, if you're eating at an American diner, choose mac and cheese as a side dish to your t-bone steak.

Mexican Tacos

Traditionally, tacos are of Mexican origin and extremely popular throughout the United States. In particular places such as San Diego, where there's a strong Mexican influence. Tacos are often a fairly inexpensive American street food based around flour or corn tortillas. They are then stuffed with fish, meat, poultry and vegetables. The fish taco, in particular, can be found during San Diego street food tours and are simply divine.

In fact, should you be visiting San Diego this summer, then we are currently providing an authentic Street Food Tour to Tijuana. With transport available from San Diego, this round trip includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.


In New Orleans, Salvatore Lupo opened a grocery store opposite the French Market in 1906. After which, the now-famous Muffaletta was born! This plate-sized sandwich is layered with olive salad, genoa salami, ham, mortadella, provolone, and Swiss cheese. The bread used is similar to focaccia, topped with sesame seeds.

American Doughnuts

It may be an American stereotype portrayed in Hollywood films of the police eating doughnuts, but there's a good reason. Sweet dough is a popular American street food that comes in a variety of flavours. While maple and bacon is a combination that has to be tried at least once, a simple jam or custard can be just as good.

The Best Street Food Tours in America

As well as our Mexican street food tour from San Diego mentioned earlier, we also have some incredible New York street food available too. Click on any of the orange links above or
below and book online today. Alternatively, search for your preferred destination from the tabl. home page.

Pizza, Beer and History Tour

The Italians may lay claim to inventing pizza, but in New York and across America it's become a staple among the local street food. So, what better way to wash these 3 tasting sessions than with a beer? Along the way, learning all about the history of the prohibition and re-introduction of alcohol sales and production in the United States.

Private New York Neighbourhood Food Tour

During the Brownstone Brooklyn experience, you'll have the opportunity to try some of the areas most loved street food. Meet the locals at both mom-and-pop shops and restaurants, while sampling traditional cuisine alongside artisan and modern takes on authentic dishes that are available upon every corner.

Private New York Neighbourhood Eats Food Tour

Another private food tour in New York, this time visiting some of the more artisan eateries available. Meanwhile, although American street food is popular, it's worth noting there's a world of other cuisines available for those on the go. With 7 stops expect everything from American-Italian to Middle Eastern influences.

If you are visiting New York this year, we have a range of street food tours, experiences and more available to book online here.

Street Food Tours in America with

Delve into the American street food scene with one of tabl.'s popular street food tours. Prepare to eat your way through some of the USA's most popular delicacies and find the best places to try them. As a result, when you book one of our street food tours or experiences, you can savour the true flavour and tastes of authentic American street food.

As an example, click on any of the orange links above for our latest food and drink experiences in New York. Although it's worth noting we have a wide range of street food tours available all over the United States of America.

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