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There’s no other way in which to describe the drink experiences and nightlife in Bangkok other than legendary. However, it’s important to do this safely. That’s why many turn to food and drink tours in Bangkok, as they’re a way in which to explore the real city, just as a local would, while having a bit more clarity in terms of which areas are best avoided. However, Bangkok at its finest is a cauldron of trendy, cosmopolitan drinking experiences, bars and nightclubs that are perfect for night owls to explore.

Drink Experiences in Bangkok

Below are a selection of bars and clubs, vineyards and alternative drink experiences in Bangkok for everyone from the seasoned traveller to those just looking for a night out.

Wishbeer Home Bar

Wishbeer Home Bar is an example of a drinking experience that is perfect for those who enjoy a homely bar experience. Located in a former factory warehouse a few yards away from a train station, it’s a breeze to get to.

Once there you’ll find around 42 different types of draught beers to get your lips around, including some favourites from home, such as Guinness. However, for the more adventurous of your group, it’s worth having a look at the more obscure beers, such as the tropical flavoured MoFo, or Phillips Analogue 78. But if this doesn’t take your fancy, there are 200 more types of bottled beers to choose from. At the Wishbeer Home Bar, you’re spoilt for choice.

It’s the ideal location for exploration in twos and threes or much larger groups. The bar themselves recommend testing out either the six or twelve glass tasting sets of beers for a broader experience. Although the glasses are small, your beer-related horizons won’t be after a trip here.

Sing Sing Theatre

The Sing Sing Theatre is a drinking experience fit for those who enjoy a retro night of drinking, dancing and disco. Located in the Watthana neighbourhood of Bangkok, this is a stylish place wherein visitors can let their hair down and dance the night away. The club is a fusion of dark red and blue lights, which add to the overall atmosphere of the space. Often set against a backdrop of live dancers and a DJ, this is a great place that specialises in providing a club experience that is a little different from what you usually find in Bangkok. The music is better and the atmosphere friendlier, making it the ideal place to go to for a night of partying like a Thai local.

Superflow Beach Club

What would a holiday to Bangkok be without a trip to a beach bar? The Superflow Beach Club makes the ideal backdrop for visitors wanting to experience a typically Thai fusion of clubbing and open air. Located on one of Bangkok’s busiest roads – the Khaosan, which is a key backpacker location – this is an easily accessible establishment for international visitors. A quick glance upwards with a cocktail in hand – day or night – and you will catch a glimpse of leafy palm trees, the sun, the moon and the stars whilst simultaneously feeling the white sand between your toes.

Perfect for any taste, the Superflow Beach Club has four bustling bars to choose from. This means that there’s a variety of different Thai vibes to explore here if one isn’t suiting your preferences. Home to the Tom Yam Kung Thai tapas restaurant, which is worth a visit for someone who prefers to drink with a sit-down meal as opposed to a vibrant club scene.

Wineries and vinyards

For those who want a more sophisticated taste of alcohol in Bangkok, there’s always the opportunity to visit a Thai winery. Although the country is not traditionally known for its winemaking capabilities, it’s been a pioneer of a new kind of wine, known as ‘new latitude’ wine.

One place wherein it’s possible to taste this type of wine is the GranMonte Vineyard & Winery located within the Asoke Valley of Khao Yai. Laying 160km northeast of Bangkok, it’s a place wherein your party can rent a taxi or take a coach and spend the day.

Upon arrival, the GranMonte Vineyard & Winery allows its visitors to sample some of their award-winning wines, such as the white Spring Chenin Blanc wine and the red Heritage Syrah wine.

Yao Rooftop Bar

One of the most bougie drinking experiences found within Bangkok is often found atop one of their rooftop bars. Yao Rooftop Bar is an example of this, and it’s found perched on the Surawong, which is a type of Mariott hotel. Here visitors will be able to try a Thai cocktail whilst looking over at the city’s stunning scenery and bustling nightlife.

Rice whisky

However, drinking experiences in Bangkok aren’t limited to bars. Rice whisky is an example of this. It’s a favourite with locals – which is no wonder as each bottle has a 35% alcohol rating. For several years, Bangkok’s favourite brand of rice whisky was Mekong. This is a brand designed to be available to the masses rather than the rich alone, meaning that a glass is well within your reach! If you prefer to drink in calmer environments, you can purchase rise whisky to enjoy in your hotel room or holiday accommodation.

When you buy a bottle of any type of alcohol in a Bangkok shop – rice whisky included in this – you receive a 750ml bottle known as a glom. However, if you prefer to sample a smaller portion of rice whisky, be sure to ask for a Baan. This is a 375ml flask shape bottle from which you can take a sip of rice whisky straight. When done, you’ll experience a rather sharp, sweet taste that is rather close to the taste of rum. This means that it’s perfect for pairing with Coca Cola either out in a bar or a hotel room.

Food and Drink Experiences in Bangkok

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