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The great thing about Thai cuisine is the variety available, after all the food you should try in Bangkok doesn’t just begin and end with rice and noodles. In fact, food tours in Bangok are a fantastic way to experience the very best in authentic Thai food.

Bangkok is a destination that's popular among travellers of all ages. Whether it's those taking a gap year to venture off around Asia or foodies in search of world-class restaurants.

Meanwhile, food tours in Bangok are also the chance to taste everything from fresh lobster to deep-fried grasshoppers.

10 Types of Food you Should Try in Bangkok

Pad Thai Noodles

Often a staple at street food festivals around the world, but for an authentic taste place an order in Thailand. Pad Thai Noodles are often slightly thicker, topped with pan-fried ingredients, often topped with cashew nuts or crispy onion for added texture.

Tom Yam Soup

This is far from your average homemade soup, as it encompasses all the flavours of Thai cookery in one little bowl. The word “tom” relates to boiling, while “yam” is that of the added spices. The hot and sour mixture is best when added with fresh shrimp.

Gooey Teeo Reua

If you wish to truly taste the origins of this dish, then head along the Klong Samsen canal. As this is a food you should try in Bangkok if you’re on a historical food tour. Also known as “cow’ blood soup” the floating markets of Thailand follow the ancient tradition the broth with a dash of cows blood included in the cooking process.

Papaya Salad

Sometimes the most authentic food in Bangkok can showcase its ingredients in the simplest of forms. However, the vegetarian-friendly papaya salad still packs a punch. Generally made with unripe, shredded, papaya, the Thai love of spicing makes this stand out from your regular salad.

Ba Mee Noodles

These are noodles that should accompany a wider plate food and can be served with almost anything. As such, you’re likely to spot them on a menu with other delights such as barbeque pork or spiced chicken.

Nam Tok

Also referred to as “Waterfall”, there’s a depth of flavour to Nam Tok that you should try in Bangkok if you’re a fan of hot food. While chilli’s give the food a decent heat, the sauce is also made with a counterbalance of lime juice and mint for added freshness.

Kow Mok

If you’re a foodie that loves a good curry, then Kow Mok is something you try in Bangkok restaurants during your visit. Usually made with chicken, it’s Thai cuisines take on the Indian Biryani. Therefore, it’s made with rice and curried meat, although still heavy in those unique Thailand spices.

Massaman Curry

As for an alternative curry option, this is a popular southern dish that again stays away from the commonplace Thai curries. Many food tourists will be familiar with the red and green Thai curry options, but Massaman offers a far more complex array of flavours.

Roti Mataba

Another Indian inspired favourite on the streets of Bangkok is Roti Mataba. The unleavened bread, however, is often where the comparisons begin and end. As we highly recommend going for a sweet version of the Roti, served with banana and lashings for condensed milk.

Kanom Beuang

While back home Thai food may not feature too many dessert options, the reality is very different. Here we have the popular Thai crepes, that resemble tacos filled with coconut cream and other sweet ingredients.

Food and Drink Experiences in Bangkok

Street food tours, buffet experiences, cookery classes and fine-dining are among some of the food tours in Bangok and culinary activities available with Book online today for the very best in authentic and traditional Thai cuisine.

Vegan Experiences in Bangkok

Traditional cuisine in Thailand is predominantly comprised of vegetables which means it's relatively easy for vegans to eat well in Bangkok. Take a look at our article on Vegan Food to try whilst you are in Bangkok

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