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By signing up for one of the best food tours in Dubai, you'll discover an excellent and distinctive way to experience one of the most popular regions of the United Arab Emirates. After all, quite simply put, Dubai is a lavish foodies heaven.

So what better way to get to know the rich heritage of the Emirates than through its local and authentic cuisine? However, many of our food tours in Dubai also take dining a step further, delving into mouth-watering Asian delicacies to exclusive European dishes. Whatever your personal tastes, this luxurious city is full of diverse flavours and ingredients.

5 of the Best Food Tours in Dubai 1

5 of the Best Food Tours in Dubai

Enjoy a plethora of signature dishes from some of the UAE's top chefs, while savouring a taste of the worlds culinary delights with a range of global influences. During your time in the Middle East, why not treat yourself to one of the best food ours in Dubai with

Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage

This tour introduces you to Middle Eastern culture and features the best Palestinian falafels and Arabic baklava. Enjoy a large selection of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syrian dishes.

This amazing dinner party will be hosted by the resident guide who will tell you stories about the history of Middle Eastern food and the local communities in the region.

Little India on a Plate

If you love Indian cuisine, then this really is one of the best food tours in Dubai. Along the way, enjoy traditional food tastings across 5 of the best Indian eateries in the area. As well as those familiar dishes, the tour is likely to include one or two dishes rarely mentioned by your average guidebook.

The tour visits Dubai's oldest and certainly most vibrant Indian neighbourhood. During which expect to be offered plate after plate of Indian specialities - including the likes of chutney-filled crisp ‘puris,’ puffed rice and mangoes, spiced yoghurt, curried potato and many more traditional dishes.

5 of the Best Food Tours in Dubai 2

Visit the Old Town and have Lunch with the Locals!

As well as being invited to a fabulous traditional lunch with an Emirati national, your tour guide will also take you to the historic district of Al Shindaga. Here you can see the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, along with an authentic weaving and pottery workshop, before visiting the popular coffee museum.

Having crossed over the Dubai Creek we visit two of the main markets in the area, selling everything from gold bars to fragrant spices. After which it will be time for something to eat in the heart of the Al Fahad district, where your local host awaits.

Flavours of Arabia - Old Dubai with Authentic Emirati Cuisine

This walking tour will take you through the Spice Souk marketplace, where you can bask in the glorious aromas of different spices. Then it's time to relax on a glorious boat ride, admiring the stunning views from Dubai Creek.

Having walked through the Textile Souk, it will soon be time for food. Here you can enjoy starters such as stuffed vine leaves, Moutabel and classic salads. As for your main course, there's a delicious Machboos Deyay, Saloona and kebabs, before finishing with a mouth-watering dessert.

5 of the Best Food Tours in Dubai 3

From Dubai: Sharjah Half-Day Tour with Traditional Lunch

If you'd like to escape the city during your holiday, then our half-day tour to Sharjah combines a sightseeing tour with some wonderful food and drink.

Admire the cultural capital and visit the largest mosque in Sharjah; the King Faisal Mosque, where you can discover all about the rich heritage of the area. Enjoy a close-up view of the fishing port and the catch-of-the-day, as you learn more about the history that surrounds Sharjah's beautiful coastline.

There will be time for a leisurely stroll through the city's streets before stopping for a superb traditional lunch.

How to Book 5 of the Best Food Tours in Dubai

From the tasty aromas of street food to the most lavish and exotic dishes, Emirati cuisine features unique flavours from around the globe. Let take you on a Middle Eastern culinary adventure with the very best food tours in Dubai.

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