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Along with its Gaudí and Domènech architecture, Barcelona is also well-known for some of the best tapas bars in Catalonia. So much so, that there is an abundance of tapas tours and food experiences to join within the popular Spanish city.

That's why it's good to know the best places to visit before you travel, so you can avoid the tourist spots and experience the real Spain.

Having said that, La Rambla is Barcelona's most well-known pedestrian strip. It always has a thriving atmosphere, whereby the tapas bars are often busy with food-loving visitors mixing shoulder to shoulder with the locals. However, if your culinary expectations are high and you wish to visit some of the city's other neighbourhoods – then head to one of the following areas to find more of the best tapas bars in Barcelona...

Where to Find the Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona 1

Where to Find the Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter is probably the most famous for enjoying tapas, mainly due to the many festivals that occur each year. Not all of these are strictly food related, but when it comes to experiencing the local cuisine, there's nothing quite like partying in the Gothic Quarter.

The colourful region of Poblenou – will also take you to some of the best tapas bars in Barcelona, and is close to the sea. It is a vibrant setting and as you would imagine offers a huge variety of seafood tapas dishes to choose from.

Then we have the trendy Gracia neighbourhood, situated just outside the main city centre. The area is very ‘bohemian’ and full of eco-shops, studios and vegan-friendly cafes. A great area to explore, as well as boasting lots of quaint tapas bars, perfect for food and people watching.

However, in reality, every Barcelona neighbourhood (or "barrios") has its own flair and personality when it comes to eating out. As such, here are a few of our personal suggestions on where to find the very best tapas bars in Barcelona and whereabouts they're located.

Where to Find the Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona 2

The Gothic Quarter

Sensi Bistro

This gorgeous Bistro opened for 9 years and has earned a superb reputation for quality and innovative dishes. It has a modern style and a great atmosphere while offering creative specialities of Mediterranean and European, along with a selection of Asian dishes.

Bar La Plata

One of the oldest tapas bars in Barcelona in a very authentic Spanish style. They serve super fresh fried fish, classic combinations of tomato bread with anchovies and more exclusive and typical Catalan specialities.

Where to Find the Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona 3

Poblenou Region

El 58

Situated in Rambla del Poblenou, this chilled restaurant offers a menu board filled covered in a variety of tapas dishes. The cuisine focuses on simplicity, letting the key ingredients shine while combining both old cooking styles with new traditions. Although make sure you check out the seafood specialities – they're delicious!


Part of a chain – but still absolutely gorgeous and very popular with the locals. Lizarran offers plenty of delicious tapas that are best served with Zurito (a traditional lemon beer). If it's an afternoon with friends you're after, then here is ideal for a late lunch.

Gracia Neighbourhood


Certainly one of the best tapas bars in Barcelona if you're after a selection of craft beers to go with a diverse menu. Here you'll find superb tapas alongside other more spicy dishes, all at a reasonable price without skimping on top-quality ingredients. Also, it's worth noting many locals claim the head chef bakes the best brownies in the whole of Barcelona!

Santa Gula

You will find this cute restaurant in the very heart of the Grácia neighbourhood. It has a really inviting atmosphere, regardless of if you live nearby or passing through. If you are thinking of staying for any considerable length of time or visiting at a later date, the menu regularly changes every two weeks. As such providing you with lots of choices, not to mention the variety of classic wines held behind the bar.

How to Find the Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona?

If you want to find the very best tapas bars, then why not book a tapas tour in Barcelona or join another of our local food and drink experiences? With a little help from tabl. you can save time booking in advance, safe in the knowledge you've made the right decision.

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