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Within a stunning and historical city located in the South of Italy, many of the best restaurants in Naples can be found overlooking the sea. As such there's a passion for seafood among both its traditional and innovative cuisine.

Along the coast (as well as further inland), diners can find a number of elegant locations to enjoy that "special" meal. Not only that, but as you may expect several of the best restaurants in Naples have been awarded a Michelin Star.

Such awards are highly respected and given out in recognition for chefs that often create original ways to refine their dishes, balancing convention and innovation.

Where to Find the Best Restaurants in Naples

Here is our choice of where to find the best restaurants in Naples to savour superb Neapolitan cuisine, as well as flavours from further afield.

Don Alfonso (Corso Sant’Agata, 11/13 Sant’Agata Sui Due Golfi, Naples)

This family run, 2 Michelin starred restaurant, can be found along the Bay of Naples. All the ingredients used are home-grown and are often taken from the restaurant’s orchards, vineyards and vegetable areas.

The chef creates amazing local dishes that represent the kitchen's fine-dining high standards, As such, the diner is present with authentic cuisine served in an imaginative style. We'd also recommend you ask to take a look at their impressive wine cellar - housed in the ancient caves.

L’Accanto (Santa Maria Vecchia, 2 Seiano di Vico Equense, Naples)

Located at the 5-star Hotel Angiolieri, just outside the city, L'Accanto is definitely worth a visit. The gourmet cuisine is served in a romantic setting, with a glorious patio looking out towards Mount Vesuvius and onto the nearby bay.

Chef Michele Deleo offers fresh Mediterranean ingredients to produce the likes of succulent lobster pasta, truffle risotto. Although many locals will lean towards the ‘catch of the day’ and a taste of Deleo at his finest.

Taverna del Capitano (Piazza delle Sirene 10/11 Marina del Cantone)

Chef Alfonso has gained an impressive 2 Michelin Stars, as such it's no wonder we've included this glorious eatery on our best restaurants in Naples. The dishes are largely a mix of local flavours, presented with great imagination.

Feast on culinary delights such as ‘palamito sulla pietra di mare, filetto cotto e crudo’, a locally caught tuna cooked over sea stone - a technique you're unlikely to see very often!

Palazzo Petrucci (Posillipo 16 b/c, Naples, 80133)

Near the famous Palazzo Donn’Anna sits another Michelin Star restaurant, within a inside a relatively new building that offers amazing views of Mt Vesuvius.

The cuisine here features modern innovative local dishes created by head chef Lino Scarallo. A wonderful starter is that of ‘mille-feuille’ - local mozzarella and prawns in a vegetable sauce. As for a main, try ‘paccheri al impiedi’ a pasta dish served in a rich ricotta and meat sauce, complete with a hidden twist!

Quattro Passi (Vespucci, 13 – Localita’ Marina del Cantone, Naples)

Yet another Michelin Star in Naples has been presented to the husband and wife team of Rita and Tonino. Priding themselves on offering modern dishes with quality ingredients, there's a distinct love of seafood.

In fact, signature dishes such as monkfish ravioli and risotto with large shrimp and broom flowers always prove the most popular. Although we'd also recommend the superb pezzogna fish parcels served with an escarole salad, pine nuts and scampi.

Where to Find the Best Restaurants in Naples

Experience the very best cutting-edge cuisine in Italy with some of the best restaurants in Naples, as suggested by Alternatively, why not search here for more of our Naples food and drink experiences?

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