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Opting to explore Sicily in winter is an enchanting decision. During which, both seasonal produce and traditional dishes provide plenty of ideas on what to eat in Taormina in winter.

While this renowned resort town lures bustling crowds of Italians and international visitors in summer, a winter excursion unveils a serene and less crowded experience.

Aside from maybe Christmas and New Year, it gives you the chance to relish the panoramic view of Mount Etna all to yourself - no need to wait for a coveted spot. Additionally, you can savour a peaceful and uninterrupted moment at the Greek Theatre, without being surrounded by hordes of other visitors.

During winter, Taormina has its fair share of nice weather, while temperatures stay in the low 60s (°F) during the day and drop to the low 50s (°F) at night. In January, daytime temperatures average in the high 50s (°F) and evenings in the upper 40s.

What to Eat in Taormina in Winter 1

What to Eat in Taormina in Winter

Due to the mild winter climate, fruit and veggies in this region are more readily available compared to Northern Europe. Additionally, their impressive size and quality greatly enhance their appeal.

Discover the exquisite winter cuisine that graces the tables of Taormina during the colder months:

Popular Appetizers and Main Courses served in Winter in Taormina

Swordfish Rolls

In the wintertime, Sicily is known for a traditional Italian delicacy. Thin swordfish fillets take centre stage, generously filled with a delightful combination of breadcrumbs, lemon zest, capers, garlic, fresh herbs, pine nuts, currants, and occasionally raisins or cheese.

Pizza Melanzane

An Italian pizza, traditionally slathered with tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese and slices of aubergines, which are usually fried, sautéed, or roasted before being used on the pizza.

Stuffed Sardines

This classic Sicilian dish employs butterflied sardines that are stuffed with a mixture of toasted breadcrumbs, parsley, anchovies, pine nuts, and raisins, with the occasional addition of grated Parmesan. Stuffed sardines can be formed into individual rolls that are skewered, then drizzled with lemon juice and shortly baked or grilled.


Traditional Venetian cicchetti, reminiscent of Spanish tapas - some even speculate that their name derives from the Spanish word "chico," meaning small. Fresh and seasonal, these delectable bite-sized morsels brim with local flavours, showcasing the epitome of Venetian culinary artistry in miniature form.

What to Eat in Taormina in Winter 2

Winter Desserts in Taormina

Pastry displays come alive, vibrant and lavish, adapting seamlessly as a favourite to eat in Taormina in winter, especially throughout the festive season. Indulge in the delightful experience they create, where two of the most mouthwatering desserts await your taste buds below.


Also known as Bucciddatu in the Sicilian dialect, it is a beloved cake that can be found throughout Sicily during the month of December. This delightful treat is a timeless Christmas dessert, featuring a delightful blend of figs, nuts, and raisins, topped with candied fruit or honey.


One of Sicily's beloved desserts is these half-moon pastries, with a luscious combination of chocolate and fresh sheep's milk ricotta. The delicate, flaky dough is crafted using traditional techniques and enhanced with a touch of Marsala wine.

Winter Food and Drink Experiences in Taormina

Savour the exquisite local cuisine and what to eat in Taormina in winter with Get in touch with our dedicated team via our live online chat or email [email protected]. Allow us to assist you in crafting an unforgettable food and drink experience!

If you're looking for some inspiration, then take a look at our recent blog on the top 5 food tours in and around Taormina here.

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