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Experience the invigorating charm of what to eat in San Sebastián in Autumn, when the weather offers a delightful respite from the scorching summer months. However, don't be deterred by slightly cooler temperatures, as the city beckons with a myriad of thrilling food and drink experiences as an opportunity to indulge in exquisite, local cuisine.

To truly embrace the exquisite beauty of autumn in San Sebastián, indulge in leisurely strolls through verdant city parks, teeming with vibrant life. Immerse yourself in the allure of the captivating architecture found in the Romantic Area.

Marvel at the ever-changing hues of the sky and sea as you explore La Concha Bay and Gipuzkoa's diverse coastline. Savour the seasonal delight of pintxos (tapas) or amazing traditional San Sebastián dishes.

What to Eat in San Sebastián in Autumn

Autumn in this region exudes a distinct charm, and unlike the warmer, southerly parts of Spain, the ambience of this season feels more pronounced here. Adding to the allure are the captivating spooky festivities, giving autumn in the Basque Country a unique and delightful flair.

If you think San Sebastián is a foodie haven throughout the year, wait till you experience it in October! Prepare to be amazed by the many culinary delights that await you at this time of year.

Sample the Best in Basque Cuisine at the Gastronomika Festival

The yearly Gastronomika festival is held in October in a picturesque location. It unites renowned chefs and culinary experts from around the globe for an extraordinary gastronomic extravaganza. 

Here, amidst a vibrant atmosphere, these masters of the culinary craft unveil never-before-seen creations that tantalize the taste buds and ignite the senses. 

Attendees, eager to experience the pinnacle of gastronomic delights, can indulge in an array of delectable dishes that showcase the innovative techniques and flavours that define this remarkable event.

Local Seasonal Produce in San Sebastián

During Autumn in San Sebastián, the air is filled with the delightful aroma of freshly made sausages. The rich flavours of black pudding from Lazkao, Zaldibia, Amezketa and Beasain also grace the tables. And let's not forget about the exquisite game that adds to the seasonal feast.

As for those natural finds out in the country, boletus mushrooms, ziza mushrooms and perretxiko mushrooms are plentiful. Although naturally, San Sebastián boasts an array of delicious dishes that highlight the bounty of the sea. In October, enjoy delicacies such as baked spider cra or hake cheeks served in a luscious green sauce.

Alternatively, order hake prepared in a traditional Donostiarra style, delectable clams marinière, tender baby squid in rich ink for a starter or exquisitely baked sea bream as the catch of the day.

Book Food and Drink Experiences in San Sebastián

Enjoy a beloved choice of indulgent food and drink experiences in San Sebastián by booking through In the early Autumn, you can still revel in warm temperatures without being overwhelmed by hordes of tourists as well as sampling the best food the Basque country has to offer. In need of further assistance? Then reach out to one of our advisors via our live, online chat or contact us at [email protected].

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