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As the capital of Ukraine, it's good to know what to eat in Kyiv before you travel. After all, with so much choice on the menu its no wonder so many foodies are turning to our Kyiv food tours.

Authentic Ukrainian cuisine offers large dishes and often be seen as overindulgent. However, with food tourism attracting a more self-conscious foodie, local chefs have started to put a healthier twist on traditional dishes.

What to Eat in Kyiv?

One of the great things about discovering what to eat in Kyiv is food is relatively inexpensive. As such, the majority of local cuisine and Kyiv food tours are easily affordable.

Chicken Kiev

As you may have already guessed, Chicken Kiev is a dish made famous by Ukraine. As such, your tour guide will often have their personal choice on where to find the most succulent, chicken fillet with a garlic butter filling.

Alternatively, why not learn to make one yourself with our online cookery classes? An online streaming cookery lesson is available here, taking place from the comfort of your own kitchen.


Another classic Ukrainian dish in Kyiv is this little dumpling. These popular dumplings can be filled with a wide range of ingredients and served either savoury and sweet. This would include meat, mashed potato, cabbage, cherries and sweet cottage cheese. The combination is actually really delicious too!

Borscht with Garlic Fritters

For this signature dish, beef is put into cold water to make the meat broth, then it is removed and various vegetables and other ingredients are added and cooked in a tight-lidded saucepan. Garlic fritters are offered instead of bread, making this a really tasty but filling meal.

Potato and Nalysyki Pancakes

Pancakes are popular, both as sweet and savoury dishes. Those made from potato make for a regular side dish. While Nalysyki pancakes can be filled with cabbage, spinach, mushrooms and cottage cheese. As well as served with luxurious caviar and fresh fruit.


This is actually a cold soup, and very refreshing to enjoy on a really hot day. It’ is made up of raw vegetables, boiled eggs and meat and then cooked in Kvass (a drink made from rye bread).


A definite ‘must-try’ food when you visit Kyiv. Salo is actually cold pork fat that is served in different variations. It can either be salty, smoked, cooked or raw. It arrives at the table mashed similar to pate and with several slices of meat left on it. It can also be added to soups like Borscht.

Kyiv Cake

The ultimate local dessert takes its name from the city, Kyiv cake. The dessert of your dreams! Traditionally made with layers of nutty hazelnut meringue and buttercream. Then infused with rum, cashew or hazelnuts and chocolate.


Last, but not least, is this celebrated all-round Christmas cake. Shulyky is thinly rolled out cake/-cookie pieces that have been soaked in a mixture of honey, poppy milk and baked poppy seeds. The result is utterly delicious, and I bet one portion will not be enough”!

Food Experiences in Kyiv

Fine-dining restaurants are often one of the best ways to discover what to eat in Kyiv. However, with our Kyiv food tours, you can experience authentic Ukrainian dishes among the locals. Book your food and drink experience in Kyiv today with tabl.

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