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The enchanting Italian destination exudes an air of romance and as such, knowing what to eat in 48 hours in Venice is the chance to truly embrace the city of love.

What sets Venice apart from other locations is its network of over 100 picturesque islands, connected not by roads, but by a mesmerizing labyrinth of waterways. Here, the gentle swaying of boats reigns supreme, offering a unique mode of transportation that adds to the city's allure.

Italy is actually a melting pot of culinary delights. Unfortunately, many visitors to Venice make the mistake of flocking to touristy restaurants that serve only pasta and pizza. But the reality is that these are not reflective of the true cuisine enjoyed by the locals. Why not join one of our many food and drink experiences in Venice to create an authentic memory of your time away?

With just 48 hours in enchanting Venice, immerse yourself in a whirlwind of captivating experiences – indulging in both the must-see attractions and delectable culinary delights.

What to Eat in 48 Hours in Venice

Allow us to share some expertly curated suggestions to help you make the absolute most of what to eat in Venice during your fleeting escape to this wondrous city.

Breakfast in Venice

Venetians often begin their day with a delightful shot of espresso or a creamy cappuccino. They may choose to accompany their beverage with a delicate croissant, known as a brioche, a dainty doughnut, or even some fresh fruit for those who seek a touch of indulgence.

Venice is home to numerous charming bars scattered throughout, enticing passers-by with the aroma of freshly brewed espresso and velvety cappuccino. Treat yourself to this delightful pairing along with a flaky croissant or irresistible krafen. Venice's charming bakeries boast a mouthwatering array of exquisite treats. Indulge in delectable cakes, cookies, brioches, rolls, sandwiches, and tramezzini - delightful Venetian soft bread triangle sandwiches that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Lunch in Venice

Venice offers an unparalleled lunch experience, where you can indulge in the epitome of classic Italian cuisine, expertly prepared. From delectable black tagliolini in cuttlefish ink to exquisite seafood and flavourful Venetian meat dishes, an array of palate-pleasing options awaits. Allow me to recommend two exceptional lunchtime dining establishments in Venice.

Ostaria Boccadoro (Campiello Widmann già Biri, 5405/a, 30121 Venezia)

Experience the art of Venetian cuisine, with a creative focus on fish, in an elegant dining room adorned with rustic touches and a charming terrace. The doors are open from 2 to 2:30 pm, and 7 to 10:30 pm every day.

Sample appetizing antipasti, flavourful rattles, and succulent shrimp on polenta. For mains, savour black tagliolini with saints and artichokes or exquisite gnocchi with spider crab. An unforgettable lunch experience here at Ostaria Boccadoro.

Ristorante Wistèria ( San Polo 2908, 30125 Venezia VE)

An exquisite dining experience awaits you at this elegant establishment. Immerse yourself in avant-garde culinary creations meticulously paired with exquisite wines. Lunch is served Friday to Sunday, from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.

Indulge in their renowned tasting menu, featuring a delightful array of dishes. Experience Dentex rose with a touch of wasabi and lagoon herbs. Enjoy Beef carpaccio with apricots and almonds, followed by Leek, aubergines, and elderberry, alongside celery foam. Complete this gastronomic journey with exquisite wines.

Dinner in Venice

Immersed in beauty and romance, there is no finer destination to enjoy a truly exquisite dinner experience than the enchanting streets and squares of Venice. Here, I present to you two of the most exceptional restaurants that will captivate your senses.

Ristorante ai Barbacani (5746 30122 Venezia VE)

Experience delightful culinary offerings in this stunning venue. Savour a tempting selection of antipasti, pasta, and delectable mains, with a special emphasis on seafood. This charming trattoria boasts a picturesque canal view. Open from 11 am to 11 pm, they promise a memorable dining experience at any time.

Their exquisite à la carte menu boasts dishes such as spaghetti laguna with caparozzoli or Venetian risotto infused with garlic, parsley, and a hint of white wine. Don't miss their Trofie with homemade pesto made from Sant'Erasmo basil and toasted pine nuts.

Alle Corone (I5527 30122 Venezia VE)

Treat yourself to the delightful allure of an elegant Michelin Guide hotel restaurant, where the timeless essence of Venetian cuisine harmonizes with an impressive collection of exquisite wines. Open every evening from 7pm to 10pm, except Wednesdays.

Enjoy homemade dishes, carefully crafted. Experience the flavours of tender swordfish, marinated in aromatic spices, and served with tangy sour cream and raspberry sauce. Savour the grilled squid stuffed with succulent cod fish and creamy potatoes, perfected with a hint of glasswort. Pair these culinary delights with their unrivalled selection of fine wines.

Book Food and Drink Experiences in Venice with

Surprise your taste buds with the culinary delights of and experience a delightful dining affair during your 48-hour trip to Venice. Take pleasure in savouring the moment and relishing the exquisite cuisine on offer with our range of food and drink experiences. Alternatively, contact us for any assistance via our live online chat.

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