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There’s plenty to eat and drink in Scotland, with our food tours in the Highlands the perfect way to get started. Experiencing Scottish cuisine and authentic Scotch whisky surrounded, by the wonderful hills and mountains of bonnie Scotland.

Whether it’s a whisky tour from Inverness or travelling further afield and visiting “the gateway to the Highlands” in Aberdeen, there’s something for everyone. While it may be the food and drink that’s your main focus, you’ll soon marvel at the local scenery.

The region covers almost 10,000 square miles, much of which being a grand expanse of open land and green hills. As well as the likes of the notorious waters of Loch Ness, the mountain of Ben Nevis or the village of John o’Groats.

What to Eat and Drink in the Highlands

If you’re a foodie with a passion for regional cuisine, food tours in the Highlands are the perfect way to discover what to eat and drink. Whether it’s a traditional Scottish dinner or fine-dining with locally sourced seafood:

Highland Beef

As well as their distinctive look, Highland Cattle provide a distinct taste too! In general cows have a thick layer of fat, whereas the cattle here utilise thick hair as insulation. As a result, beef tends to be leaner and is also known as being low in cholesterol.

Mountain Hare

Once a regular addition to the local menus, Mountain Hare nowadays could be seen as more of a delicacy. The breed is less common than those found elsewhere in the UK, however remains native to the Highlands.

Caboc Cheese

Believed to be one of the oldest cheese recipes in Scotland, Caboc Cheese is made with double-cream. It’s left to age naturally and often served rolled toasted oats, in order to provide a rich and creamy texture with a bit of a crunch.

Strathdon Blue Cheese

While specifically associated with the small town of Tain, the popular Strathdon Blue Cheese delivers a big taste. It works particularly well as an addition to an Aberdeen Angus Steak or an alternative burger topping to the conventional cheddar.

Scottish Salmon

No food tour in the Highlands would be complete without its seafood. In particular, the most established restaurants in Inverness can often be found close to the local fisherman. Where you can sample the very best in freshly caught Scottish Salmon.


It’s undoubtedly the national dish associated with Scotland. Traditionally served as “haggis, neeps and tatties”, it's the perfect supper for celebrating burns night or seeing in the new year at Hogmanay.

Scotch Whisky

Finally, a whisky tour from Inverness or a “wee dram” at your local bar will be the perfect end to your day in the Highlands. Sampling the finest Scotch whisky, of which there are an abundance of famous distilleries just a short journey from your accommodation.

Food and Drink Experiences in the Highlands

Discover the very best in local produce with one of our food tours in the Highlands. We have a range of food and drink experiences, cookery classes, fine dining and many more activities available to book online. All of which cover many of the world’s leading foodie destinations.

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