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While many flock to this picturesque coastal city for drinks in the summer sun, there are numerous advantages to visiting San Sebastián in Winter that travellers may not have considered.

In the depths of the winter months, this charming coastal town experiences very little snowfall if any at all. Instead, the weather remains delightful, with temperatures hovering around the high 50s to low 40s.

This creates a charming atmosphere for leisurely walks through the cobblestone streets of Parte Vieja or food and drink experience in San Sebastián's Old Town. Not forgetting a chance to relax along the picturesque shorefront of Playa de la Concha.

What to Drink in San Sebastián in Winter 1

What to Drink in San Sebastián in Winter

Did you know - the San Sebastián cider season, kicks off in January? You can immerse yourself in the Basque tradition of sipping it straight from the barrel at one of San Sebastián's delightful cider houses.

Local Cider

When the cry of "txotx" echoes, it's a joyful signal that a new barrel is ready for pouring - seize the opportunity to raise your glass to a fresh cider delight! Visiting San Sebastián in winter is the perfect excuse to enjoy a delightful spread of food expertly crafted to complement the cider, such as a local salt-cod omelette or succulent steak served with regional vegetables.

Craft Beers

San Sebastián, a vibrant city known for its exceptional beer culture, offers a wide-ranging and eclectic selection of craft beers, both on tap and in bottles.

Whether you're a beer connoisseur or simply seeking a unique and delightful drinking experience, you'll be spoiled for choice. From local brews that capture the essence of Basque Country to enticing international options.

What to Drink in San Sebastián in Winter 2

Txacoli Sparkling Wine

The Basque Country is known for crafting an exceptional sparkling wine in the regions of Getaria, Vizcaya, and Alava. With its mild winters, this region offers perfect conditions for cultivating a unique grape variety known as Ondarribi.

The distinctively fruity and delicately sour taste of Txacoli is derived from this particular grape variety, complemented by its light sparkling quality. Renowned culinary experts highly recommend pairing it with an array of fish and seafood options.


Vermouth is an exquisite winter beverage, a medium-strength drink infused with wormwood and a delightful mix of herbs. It serves as a splendid apéritif to enjoy before meals, enhancing your dining experience.

This drink is believed to strike a perfect balance of three distinct tastes: bitter, sweet, and sour, culminating in a delightful herbal aftertaste. In the Basque Country, there exists a unique way to savour vermouth, aptly named "Marianito" - a small serving of vermouth served over ice, accompanied by a slice of orange and an olive.

Gin and Tonic

A gin and tonic reaches new heights when savoured in San Sebastián. This meticulously crafted Spanish classic elevates the beloved and familiar cocktail to unparalleled levels of flavour and delight.

What's the secret to this flawless drink? Begin with a spacious glass, brimming with a generous amount of ice. Pour with an indulgent hand, and don't forget the distinctive garnish. If you're seeking a delightful winter indulgence in San Sebastián, give a G and T a whirl.

Food and Drink Experiences in San Sebastián

Check out a range of fantastic food and drink experiences in San Sebastián with Need more info? Our friendly advisors are just a click away via live online chat. You can also reach out to us at [email protected].

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