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When it comes to knowing what to drink in San Sebastián in the Autumn, the Basque Country will leave you speechless with its remarkable offerings.

The city is a haven for both food enthusiasts and connoisseurs of fine wines. The charming cobblestoned Old Town is adorned with an array of captivating restaurants and inviting bars.

San Sebastián is a city that totally captivates all year round, but it's during Autumn when it really shines, showing off its incredible beauty. Opting for this amazing season to visit means you can dodge the summer crowds and fully embrace the lively local vibe.

Outside the city of San Sebastián, as far as the eye can wander from Spring to Autumn, lies a picturesque landscape painted in shades of vibrant green and cherry red. Here, vast orchards of apple trees flourish, boasting a remarkable diversity of over 500 apple varieties.

While visiting San Sebastián in the tourist season, the allure of indulging in sangria might be strong. However, in the Basque Country, a myriad of beverage choices await all year round.

What to Drink in San Sebastián in Autumn

If you find yourself pondering what to enjoy in the Autumn, here are a few enticing options to explore:

Sidra (Cider)

Basque cider, known as "sidra" in Spanish, defies expectations with its unique character. Far from the sweet, fruity concoctions one might envision, it presents itself as a flat, naturally cloudy, and remarkably dry libation, boasting a hint of bitterness.

Surprisingly, its alcohol content of merely 6 percent is less potent than initially presumed. Regardless, it remains a good choice when seeking refreshment in the vibrant city of San Sebastián.


Within Spain's vast repertoire of exceptional wines, a gem exclusively found in the Basque Country stands out: the exquisite txakoli! Produced predominantly in the charming coastal town of Getaria, just a stone's throw away from San Sebastián.

Discover the refreshing and invigorating allure of this semi-sparkling white wine. To fully appreciate its essence, pour with elegance from a height of no more than 20 centimetres, as tradition dictates.


A caña is a small and delightful beer that pairs perfectly with tapas during the enchanting season of Autumn. It's the ideal way to level up your beverage game!

With its smaller size, the caña guarantees that every sip will be refreshingly cool, allowing you to fully enjoy and appreciate the delightful flavours till the very last drop.

Red Wine

Lastly, we have the delectable red wine, an essential experience when visiting Spain. Fortunately, the renowned D.O.C. Rioja wine region, located near San Sebastián, produces some of the most iconic reds in the country.

If you're hearing the siren song of wine, opt for a crianza variety. These wines are aged for several years, including one year in a barrel. While they may not be intricate or pretentious, they offer an incredible taste that makes them a perfect choice for a laid-back night out with friends.

Food and Drink Experiences in San Sebastián

Looking for more refreshment? Indulge in the exquisite selection of food and drink experiences in San Sebastián available with For further inquiries, friendly advisors are just a click away through our live online chat, or you can reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Cheers!!

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