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Even if you're visiting Paris for the first time, chances are you're aware the French capital is regarded as one of the world's most enchanting cities. It captivates your attention with its vibrant culture and iconic landmarks at every corner. Time seems fleeting when there's so much to explore. Renowned as the ultimate destination for romance, Paris also entices the senses of everyone from food enthusiasts to the fashion-conscious.

Indulge in an unforgettable adventure as you uncover our carefully curated collection of ultimate insider tips for exploring the enchanting city of Paris for the very first time. Embark on a journey through its charming streets, immerse yourself in its rich history, and its delectable cuisine. Get ready to create lifelong memories in the City of Lights!

Visiting Paris for the First Time 1

Visiting Paris for the First Time

Below we take a look at some handy tips when planning your visit to Paris, along with some inside knowledge of those all-important dos and don'ts when you arrive.

When is the optimal time to visit Paris?

Exploring Paris during the spring and autumn seasons offers numerous advantages. Apart from the pleasant temperatures, these periods are typically less crowded, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the city's charms. For avid shoppers, a visit to Paris in January or July is highly recommended. These months coincide with the exciting sales season, where incredible bargains await.

Plan ahead and bypass queues by booking in advance!

Unless you visit Paris during the off-season, you'll encounter excessively long queues at the city's most popular tourist attractions. Waiting in line not only eats up valuable time but also leaves you feeling exhausted before you even start exploring.

Learn a few words/phrases

Even if it's just the basics, such as:

Bonjour/Bonsoir (Hello)
Bonne journee/Bonne soiree (Have a good day/evening)
Au revoir (Goodbye)
Merci (Thank you)
De Rien (You’re welcome)
Parlez-vous anglais? (Do you speak English?)

Where to stay in Paris?

Accommodation in Paris may not come cheap! Nonetheless, securing better deals is possible by booking in advance and being open to different locations. For budget-conscious tourists, Paris offers a multitude of hostels to choose from.

Safety Tips

Keep your belongings within sight at all times, never leaving them unattended. Securely close your bag using a zip. In crowded areas, keep your backpack in front of you. Avoid hanging your bag or backpack on the back of your chair when dining out.

Visiting Paris for the First Time 2

Wear Comfortable Clothing and Shoes

To ensure optimal comfort while navigating the sometimes uneven pavements of this highly walkable city, it is advisable to wear shoes of utmost comfort. As for clothing choices, although shorts may not be as prevalent, many Parisians opt for the timeless appeal of jeans, skirts, or casual dresses.

Cut costs and use Public Transportation

France boasts excellent high-speed trains known as TGVs. However, purchasing tickets at the last minute can be quite expensive. Opt for more budget-friendly alternatives by planning your trip months in advance.

For navigating Paris, the Parisian Metro is the top choice. With its extensive network and operating hours from 5.30 am to 2.15 am on weekends, it offers convenient access to every corner of the city. Go explore at any hour!

Apart from the single metro tickets, valid also for bus and tram rides, the Parisian Metro has different passes well worth the investment, especially if you take the metro more than 3 times a day.

Don’t Rush Sightseeing!

While exploring the museums and attractions in Paris, it's important to resist the urge to see everything in a single trip. With so much to behold, it's best to carefully choose the highlights and savour each moment. Allow yourself to indulge in the essence of Parisian charm and allure.

Taking a Food Tour or Cooking Class is a Must!

For an exceptional travel experience in Paris, consider embarking on a tantalizing food tour or immersive culinary class with By partaking in these delightful adventures, you not only gain valuable insights into the exquisite local cuisine and captivating culture but also benefit from the expertise of experienced guides who will lead you to interesting places in the city.

Book Food and Drink Experiences in Paris with

Take your time and immerse yourself in the city's charming allure. No need to rush through your checklist! With its rich history, the city offers countless unforgettable experiences. Enhance your visit by booking one of our food and drink experiences in Paris or contact an assistant via our live online chat.

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