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With traditional Greek food on offer through street food tours in Athens and with vegetarian cuisine available on every corner, Athens is perfect for every foodie. It’s a chance to experience authentic dishes while exploring this famous and historical city.

Most of the more authentic Greek food to try in Athens comes from well-loved classics. Many of which will already be familiar to your average foodie, as well as those that require a little insider knowledge.

Traditional Greek Food to Try in Athens

Below we take a look at 10 types of traditional Greek food to try in Athens. However, some of the best dishes are those you can discover away from the tourist hot spots. Which is why we'd recommend joining one of our street food tours in Athens or authentic food experiences.


Although you may not be familiar with its name, you may recognise Koulouri the moment you see your first street vendor in Athens. The large bread rings covered in sesame seeds go down well with a morning cup of Greek coffee.


Chances are you will find Taramasalata on a meze plate at any bar or restaurant alongside olives, flatbreads and hummus. The cured fish roe makes for a perfect dip for strips of pepper or cucumber, as well as a spread on freshly baked bread.


There are many dishes in Greek cuisine that appeal to vegetarian foodies, with Moussaka being one of the most famous. If you’re in Athens, try the side-streets where the locals eat for the best available. Made mostly from layers of aubergine and potatoes, covered in a creamy bechamel source.


Usually served as a side dish on a main meal, this traditional Greek food will be found in many authentic restaurants. The vine leaves are stuffed with rice and herbs, before being steamed until the leaves wilt. As an addition to the rice, they can also contain meat or vegetables.

Greek Kebabs

While you may automatically think of late-night kebab shops, Greeks have been grilling meat on skewers for centuries. Cooked lovingly over a charcoal grill, cubes of pork or lamb are then served in pitta bread with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and tzatziki source.


If you’re after authentic food and drink experiences in Athens, then this is a dish popular among home cooks. In essence, a hearty vegetarian white bean soup, flavoured with thyme, parsley and bay leaves.

Courgette Balls

Kolokythokeftedes, or courgette balls, are popular throughout Greece. Whether it be a refined starter at a fine-dining restaurant or a quick snack. The balls of zucchini (courgette) and feta cheese are fried to create tasty fritters.

Lastly, we turn our minds to those foodies with a sweet tooth. Originating from the days of the Ottoman Empire, Baklavahas become a favourite the world over. Layers of filo pastry are combined with sweet, sticky honey and finely chopped nuts, to create an authentic Greek treat.

Food and Drink Experiences in Athens

Here at, we have an array of food and drink experiences. Such as private food tours, street food tours in Athens and exclusive dining experiences. Providing food tourists with everything from the very best local street food tours to lunch against a backdrop of the famous Acropolis.

Is Athens Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly?

Vegans and vegetarians visiting Athens can benefit from restaurants and tours that introduce them to new dish ideas inspired by Greek culture. Read this article Is Athens Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly? for more insights

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