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With a passion for eating and drinking, Italian food bloggers are among the most well-respected food writers in the world. They will tell you where to find the best food tours in Florence or how to discover vineyards near Venice.

After all, the wonderful country of Italy constantly attracts visitors wanting to try its famous gastronomical delights. Italy is renowned for spicy rich cuisine and offers so many famous and traditional dishes.

Their traditional Italian dishes are often passed down between the family generations. As such, deeply cherished because of their authentic origins.

Food and Drink Experiences in Italy

Of course, when you think of Italian food – you immediately think of pasta and pizzas.

The types of pasta vary significantly depending on the region you visit in Italy.

"Pasta alla Carbonara" is popular in Rome. The pasta is prepared with eggs, Pecorino cheese, guanciale (cured meat) and black pepper.

Another Roman delight is "Spaghetti alla Carbonara", another egg-based pasta. Simply served with bacon, cheese, pepper and chilli pepper.

When it comes to talking about pizza; the first thing that springs up is Margherita. This famous plain pizza originates from Naples, and is a very easy but tasty dish. Served in Italy, the popular Marguerite pizza, will be on a crispy, thin-crust base and topped with olive oil, basil, garlic, tomatoes, the best mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

One of the best ways to get the true taste of Italian dishes is directly from local chefs. Those who are more than passionate about cooking and sharing their stunning culture with you. Food bloggers are usually the best resource for locating good places to eat local cuisine, drink rich wine, and visit iconic sites when travelling. Alternatively, food and drink experiences such as our food tours in Florence are another way of discovering Italy first hand.

Top 7 Italian Food Bloggers

Food blogs are a delightful way to explore how other people think and learn about a specific country’s culinary traditions from a local perspective. So, if you have decided you want to make your own Italian food, from scratch – follow these top five Italian food bloggers.

Here, you will find beautiful mouth-watering recipes and much more:

Rachel Eats

Rachel is English, and writes fabulous stories, and displays great photographs from inside her kitchen. The recipes she shares outline her life, love, history and passion, in a simple no-nonsense fashion! Her superb Italian lemon cake is to die for! Reading all about Rachel and discovering how to make her recipes will make you more than happy.

Rachel’s kitchen sink is mentioned in many of her posts (and in her Guardian column), alongside simple but tasty meals. Rachel looks at the food in Rome and Sicily, using seasonal produce, old-fashioned wrought-iron pans; with a very ‘hands-on’ farm-to-table feel!

Elizabeth Minchilli

Elizabeth is an American lady who has been a resident of Rome for most of her life. She has a pure undiluted passion for Italy’s quality of life, its unique culture and most of all its food traditions. All of this, she shares passionately across social media.

Elizabeth has a better understanding because she has seen changes in Rome throughout the years first hand. Which in return, has provided the ability to promote new ideas, without dismissing her delightful favourites. Her blog really sums up Italy’s gorgeous cuisine in the major cities, such as Rome, Florence and Milan. All of this is done by using mouth-watering photos and easy to follow recipes.

Emiko Davies

Emiko has spent seven years in Florence and is also the author of the blog with her name. He is passionate about Tuscany cooking. From special appetisers to mouth-watering desserts she makes them all sharing her various techniques. Emiko also allows you to fully understand the history behind the various recipes. Learn about her travels and her lifestyle, as she ventures across all of Tuscany.

Emiko is a professional photographer and illustrator, and has actually been names the ‘Renaissance woman for the internet era’” by Food 52’s Amanda Hesser!

Also, if you wish to fully understand the meaning of certain words mentioned in Italian cooking, then it is well worth reading the page from Emiko’s blog entitled - The Language of Italian Food.

Italian Food Forever

The famous Italian cook Deborah Mele is author of ‘ITALIAN FOOD FOREVER’.

Deborah fell in love with Italian cuisine when she married into an Italian family 40 years ago.

After travelling throughout Italy, she can across the Umbria Italian region where she now resides. Her blogs mainly outline a large recipe collection, that discusses central Italian cuisine.


Federico Pezzaioli is an Italian in Scotland and the famous author of the blog Italyum. Federico talks about Italian bakery and cakes, in a large section of his blog.

Another great section features various pizza recipes, and of course, pasta dishes are mentioned there too.

Juls' Kitchen

Guilia Scarpaleggia is actually a full-time food blogger and lives in the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. Guilia shares all her famous recipes and dishes from her favourite Tuscan restaurants and area producers. Recipes can even be searched via the ingredient, which is not always found in other food blogs. Also, Guilia offers wonderful cooking classes in her country house kitchen.

Simona's Kitchen

Simona Cherubini is an Italian who cooks passionately and from the heart.  She shows the kind of messy way real Tuscan cooking can bring. Simona also outlines how to eat well and enjoy a healthy life.

Book a Food Experience in Italy

Here at, we have an array of food tours in Florence and across Italy, available to book online. Including destinations such as Venice and Naples, the home of the Italian pizza.

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