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With France being one of the world's leading producers, wine tasting experiences in Paris are the perfect way to discover what's available in the way of wine for 2023.

Made up of a remarkable array of 17 distinct regions, the country produces a spectrum of exceptional wines, ranging from effervescent Champagne to profound and rich Burgundies.

France remains the top exporter, however, for those who may not possess expert knowledge, it can be somewhat overwhelming. Good news for wine enthusiasts exploring the city, as our selection of wine tours and tastings in Paris offer expert guidance. 

Wine Tasting Experiences in Paris 2023

Your trip to Paris is an incredible opportunity to indulge in the finest wine tasting in and around the city. It's also a chance for you to enhance your sommelier skills! Here are five top-notch recommendations for the absolute best places to go wine tasting in Paris! Cheers!

From Paris: Full-Day of Shopping the Best Wines in Burgundy

Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Burgundy with a captivating full-day shopping and wine tour from Paris. Tailored for wine connoisseurs and history enthusiasts, this experience combines cultural richness with the intricate beauty of a 15th-century masterpiece. 

Embark on a captivating journey through time, as you immerse yourself in the magnificent wonders of the past. Let an engaging audio tour be your guide, illuminating the treasures that lie before you, so you may truly revel in their magnificence.

Afterwards, treat yourself to a delectable three-course lunch in a charming restaurant, where delightful flavours and culinary mastery await. Surrender to the pleasure of each exquisite dish, as your palate is enveloped in a symphony of taste.

From Paris: Unique Burgundy Wine Tour (1 day)

Experience an enchanting wine lover's dream with our exceptional Burgundy wine tour from Paris. Immerse yourself in a full day of exploration amidst the idyllic landscapes of Burgundy, renowned globally for its exquisite wine production.

Embark on a delightful journey through the prestigious wineries of Domaines-Pommard, Meursault, and Nuit Saint-Georges, where you can savour the exquisite Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines they are renowned for. Expert guides will regale you with captivating tales of the rich history and culture that define this sublime wine-making region.

Indulge in this captivating and immersive experience straight from the heart of Paris, the city of romance and wine. This not-to-be-missed adventure is an absolute must-do for wine enthusiasts who crave to explore the rich and diverse flavours of France's renowned vineyards.  

Paris: Walk & Wine Tour in the Latin Quarter

Experience the enchanting Paris Walk & Wine Tour as you meander through the picturesque Latin Quarter, guided by a knowledgeable French Sommelier. Immerse yourself in the world of wine at the renowned "Wine Tasting in Paris," a beloved destination for wine enthusiasts for over five years. 

Indulge in their exquisite vintages as you embark on a delightful two-hour meander through the captivating city. Immerse yourself in France's unrivalled wine and cheese culture with our extraordinary tour!

Experience the delight of savouring four exquisite French wine varieties, expertly paired with delectable cheeses sourced directly from a renowned cheese shop. And as the grand finale, treat yourself to French tapas at the final bar, accompanied by your last glass of wine.

Food Tour Small-Group Gourmet Experience with Lunch & Wine Tasting

Discover the wonders of Paris's incredible neighbourhood on a captivating 7-hour small group experience. Indulge in a delightful lunch and savour exquisite wine tastings, hosted by talented artisans who master their craft. Each stop will treat your senses to unique and flavoursome delights, ensuring an unforgettable journey of exploration.

Immerse yourself in a delightful day-long journey through the culinary wonders of Paris on an intimate walking tour. Explore the charming Bastille to the sophisticated quarter of St-Germain-des-Prés, where you'll experience the unrivalled gastronomic scene of Paris like a seasoned connoisseur.

Discover the lively vibes and rich history of the city with a leisurely walk through the bustling Marché d'Aligre street market, grabbing a bite at a classic Parisian café, treating yourself to delectable chocolates and scrumptious macarons from renowned boutiques, taking a break at a cosy tea or coffee house in the afternoon, and winding down with an unforgettable wine-tasting experience.

Private Day Trip Tour to Champagne with a Local Guide

With its mesmerizing landscapes of rolling hills adorned with lush vineyards, elegant champagne flowing from exquisite wineries, and the alluring melody of the enchanting French language embracing you, a visit to Champagne transforms into an idyllic holiday like no other. 

Explore the picturesque towns and indulge in the region's rich history and culture, all while guided by our engaging and knowledgeable tour guide, who will ensure every moment is filled with unforgettable experiences. 

Indulging in the Champagne culture is an exceptionally captivating experience, fostering a profound adoration for the Champagne region. Situated in the esteemed province of Champagne in northeastern France, this renowned wine region reveals unparalleled magnificence and a heritage steeped in opulence.

Book Wine Tasting Experiences in Paris for 2023 with

Whether it be wine tasting experiences in Paris under the Eifel Tower or a tour into the vineyards that surround the French capital, book in confidence with Alternatively reach out to an advisor through our online live chat.

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