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Rather than seeking sun, sand and sea, travellers looking to sample local produce often book their holidays based on specific destinations famous for their local cuisine.

For this reason, it's understandable that Paris is a popular place for those after culinary creativity. Renowned for the perfect crust of baked goods, creamy cheeses and vibrant vintage wines, the city of love is packed with food and drink experiences.

Top 5 Paris Food Tours that Sample Local Produce

While an abundance of food and drink experiences can be found in the French capital, here we explore some opportunities that allow travellers to enjoy true Parisian cuisine. Read on to find our best food tours where you can try authentic dishes and dining delights showcasing the finest of locally sourced produce.

Start Simple with Cheese and Wine

If you’re looking for a fresh understanding of this perfect pairing, the Paris Cheese and Wine Tasting tour is a great way to begin. Held at an enchanting wine bar in one of Paris’s most popular neighbourhoods, this tour invites intrepid travellers to sample a wide range of local cheese accompanied by fine wines from the area.

While sampling savoury slices of local products, experts in wine and cheese will raise your awareness of finding the wine to match your mood. As well as the ideal cheese to serve with bread and crackers to accompany it. Suited for connoisseurs and novices alike, this tour will teach you about local grape varieties and winemaking techniques, along with an understanding of the best cheese associated with Paris.

Indulge in your Sweet Tooth

For those who lust for sweet flavours, the Pastry and Chocolate Tour in the Marais Neighbourhood is a must. Three hours in length, this in-depth food experience allows participants a chance to delve into one of the most celebrated locations in the city, deep in the heart of Paris while indulging in their love of sweet treats.

Combining history with local desserts, you’ll hear tales of the Knight Templars and witness architectural treasures while enjoying tasting sessions at the most select and chic boutiques in Paris. Macarons, chocolates, pastries, and ice cream await, all infused with locally sourced ingredients.

Regional specials at the Latin Quarter

Those looking to know the heart of Paris while enjoying the French gourmandise will appreciate the Gourmet Walking Tour in the Latin Quarter with Tastings. Set in a part of Paris that dates back to the Medieval era, the Latin Quarter is famed for its abundant choice of local produce.

Here you can experience the sights and sounds of local markets, confectioners and bakers. You’ll also enter a renowned shop that deals in regional specialities and learn the finer details of its unique product range. Home to over 246 types of regional cheese it's little wonder that France has become famous around the world for its love of food. Sample fresh croissants, foie gras and traditional tastings with cheese, wine, and freshly baked bread.

Local Gastronomy in Montmartre

While it was once independent of the city, today, the hilltop village that is Monamarte is a much-beloved part of Paris. As such, the Paris Montmarte Local Gastronomy Tour was developed to introduce travelling food fans to the local cuisine in the capital’s acclaimed hub of bohemian life.

Amidst artists, authors and musicians, those touring can stroll classic cobbled streets while sampling local fare from Montmarte. Whether you are hunting for authentic savoury experiences of meats and cheeses or chocolates, pastries and wine, you’ll discover treats of every kind and carefree fun on this guided tour.

Immerse yourself in the flavours of Paris

Finally, the experience offered by the self-proclaimed Best of Paris Original Food Tour is second to none. Led by the world wine expert, Francois and his dedicated team, those embarking on this exciting culinary tour will take a deep dive into French gastronomy.

Francois will share his love of history through a tasting tour of local delicacies allowing attendees to gain an education in French cuisine. In particular, while trying the very best food and drink on offer in the city. Completely customisable, this tour can be personalised to include your specific preferences and desires.

Book our Top Paris Food Tours with tabl.

At we aim to make finding an authentic food experience easily accessible to all by sourcing the most enjoyable of tours for your pleasure, complete with all the information you need ahead of your travels.

With our expertise, you can track down the finest French food tours in Paris where you can sample the nation’s best natural produce. Along with recipes made by masterful chefs, all the while expanding your palate and knowledge. Browse our unbeatable tours and experiences now to embark on your next Parisian adventure.

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