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World travellers visiting France will find plenty of sparkle during our luxury food tours in Paris. As the romantic capital ensures those arriving in search of fine food and high-end experiences are never disappointed.

Food tours in Paris can be private or personalised and are often led by experts who know where the best-kept secrets can be found around the city. Whether you are looking to book a tour on foot or be picked up in the luxury of private transport, every desire can be accommodated by a myriad of options on offer.

Top 5 Luxury Food Tours in Paris

Read on as we explore the top five luxury food tours currently available to book in Paris within the tabl. marketplace.

A private tour of Parisian pastry

Those with a sweet tooth seeking a select experience will love a visit to Le Marais with a private tour guide.

The walk invites guests to unearth the cultural heritage of the historic Paris district of Marais through a private guided tour of the best pastries served in the city.

Elite tasting options include chocolate that carries a French Government label proving its producer is a "Living heritage enterprise" and savoury gourmet treats such as caviar and foie gras flavoured macarons. Those embarking on the tour will also discover seldom-seen shops and cafes to sip coffee with sweet and savoury treats. As well as encountering a world-famous Parisian bread with a recipe dating back to the 1930s and is now considered a national treasure of France.

Best of Paris Original Food Tour

This expert-led experience is infused with the passion of Parisian-based wine aficionado, Francois. With support from his team, the wine expert takes guests on an exciting gastronomic tour through the capital for an immersive culinary experience.

Combining history and local delights, this luxury tour is designed to educate attendees on French cuisine while expanding their palate with the best food and wine in Paris. To ensure all guest's desires and preferences are catered for, this tour is entirely bespoke.

Paris Food Tour Small-Group Gourmet Experience

For those in search of a personalised stroll through the streets and an intimate experience with fine cuisine, then this is certainly one of our most luxury food tours in Paris.

On foot, guests can enjoy an entire day of gourmet delights around Paris as part of an intimate group. All the while taking in sights that include the Bastille and the Marché d'Aligre market.

During this unique tour of the food and wine scene of Paris, guests can sip French coffee, munch macarons and taste a multitude of wines. Each tasting is accompanied by an expert, like the Paris cave’s knowledgeable sommelier.

Dinner in Montmartre and Cabaret Show

This luxury guided tour of Montmartre with dinner and a traditional cabaret is perfect for those wishing to enjoy entertainment alongside enticing food and drink. Travelling by car with a private driver, food lovers can travel to Montmartre, Paris’s historic bohemian district and explore its rich artistic past and stunning city views.

After building an appetite take a short stroll to a traditional French restaurant for a full-course dinner packed with sumptuous delights from the 20th century. After dining guests are then whisked off to the Lapin Agile cabaret. Celebrating the turn of the century in the city, the café presents a traditional show with timeless songs and music played on accordions, piano and guitar.

Gourmet Lunch with Classic Art

Lovers of both food and fine art will discover our Musée d'Orsay highlights tour and gourmet lunch provides the perfect afternoon in Paris. Home to masterpieces by Renoir, Van Gogh, Manet, Monet and many other great artists, the world-famous Orsay Museum is much loved by the local Parisians.

While the museum is known for its artistic wonder, it also boasts one of the classiest restaurants in the city. After a guided art tour guests are invited to sit down for an exquisite lunch featuring traditional French cuisine. Bedecked with crystal chandeliers, the restaurant opened back in 1900, making it a historic monument. After lunch, those on the tour can explore the museum further before returning to their hotel.

Plan your next luxury food tours in Paris

At, our continuing goal is to make discovering a luxury food tour an accessible option for all. We source and present the most exciting experiences around the globe, ensuring you have all the details you need ahead of your visit.

On our website, you can locate the most elite and luxury food tours in Paris, where you can taste the nation’s best wine and food in a personalised format to suit your taste. Browse our food and drink experiences in Paris today and start planning your next opulent excursion to the French capital.

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