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Delight your taste buds in the gastronomic delights of Italy with our luxury food tours in Modena. Whether you embark on a culinary experience within the heart of the city or venture out to the surrounding area, has you covered.

Located within the Emilia-Romagna region, Modena allures visitors with its diverse art and cultural scene as well as a passion for fast cars and an array of inviting restaurants. So prepare to dive into the mouth-watering culinary scene of Modena and uncover its gastronomic horizons.

Top 5 Luxury Food Tours in Modena

With the guidance of a knowledgeable local expert, enjoy a delightful journey through rich culinary traditions and a plethora of irresistible dishes.

Discover the Hidden Gems: Exploring Local Food Artisans

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and timeless traditions of Emilia-Romagna's food artisans for an authentic insight into the region. With a profound bond to their heritage, these skilled artisans seamlessly blend innovation and technology with an unwavering reverence for the past.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of rolling hills and picturesque countryside, adorned with vineyards that boast renowned wines and offer majestic vistas. Join us on an exclusive, meticulously curated full-day tour designed for food and wine connoisseurs.

Modena: Street Food Tour with a Local Guide

Uncover the authentic flavours of Italy through the eyes of a passionate food enthusiast. Join your knowledgeable host on a culinary adventure, where you'll uncover hidden gems of trusted local food shops and delight in exquisite tastings.

Italy is well-known for its street food, from a classic Margherita pizza to the sweet taste of freshly baked cannoli. Yet what better way to indulge in the essence of Italy and its gastronomic treasures than through this delightful Modena food tour?

From Modena: VIP Exclusive Parmesan Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar 

Embark on a captivating half-day private adventure through the enchanting landscapes of Modena. Discover the culinary excellence of this renowned region on our exclusive VIP Parmesan Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar Discovery. 

Your tour will include a light lunch buffet of focaccia with assorted cured meats, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO. Along with the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena and even balsamic vinegar ice cream as well as local wines.

From Modena: Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and Lambrusco Tour

Come join us for a half-day tour and discover the wonders of Italian cuisine! Get a taste of traditional Balsamic Vinegar making at an "Acetaia". Savour authentic Parmigiano Reggiano cheese right from the farm, and enjoy a wine-tasting session at a beautiful Lambrusco vineyard on the hills. 

This fascinating voyage unveils the mysteries of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, and the enchanting Lambrusco vineyard. Discover the rich heritage and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Modena : Design your own Food and Drink Experience 

The power is in your hands to tailor your perfect experience. From finding the right location to enjoy your chosen cuisine to providing the ideal ambience for the occasion, at we offer exclusive access to extraordinary food and wine tours. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on immersing yourself in an unforgettable journey of culinary delights.

We are dedicated to transforming your dreams into reality. If you've ever longed to master the art of traditional cooking or savour a particular wine or dish, just let us know. Our tailor-made experiences aim to delight, and we are thrilled to share them with you.

Book Luxury Food Tours in Modena with

Join an unforgettable culinary adventure with our exclusive luxury food tours in Modena! Our incredibly friendly team is here to assist you through either a live online chat or via email at [email protected]. Alternatively how about finding out more about our current wine tours in and around Modena with our recent blog by clicking here.

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