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If you want to discover everything food-related that Florence has to offer, then you don’t need to spend your travel budget on pricey restaurants.

Italy is one of the most well-respected destinations for those who love food. Beyond the delicious pasta and pizza associated with this Mediterranean country, there is a wealth of sumptuous food to try. Florence, located in Central Italy, is beloved for Renaissance art and architecture - and yet it also boasts a diverse and fascinating food scene.

Top 5 Florence Food Tours on a Budget 1

Top 5 Florence Food Tours on a Budget

Food tours provide you with local knowledge and a glimpse into the culinary world of Tuscany’s capital city while staying low in cost. Here, we look at five of the best Florence food tours on a budget that can help you to get a taste of the Florentine food scene.

Morning Street Food Tour

Spend three enchanting hours with an experienced local guide when you book a Morning Street Food Tour. As the city awakens around you, you will wander the Sant’Ambrogio market. This area is filled with all the best places to purchase authentic Florentine ingredients. From delicatessens and stands selling fresh produce to the best butchers and bakeries in Florence, you will be able to taste samples and learn about the origins of the food on sale.

You'll definitely want to try Tuscan delicacies such as Lampredotto and bread dough stuffed with salty cheese, known as Coccoli. Your expert guide will enchant you with tales of the food the Florentine people love, and introduce you to some fascinating artisans. You can even taste a couple of local wines for a true understanding of the region’s impressive cuisine.

Foodies Walk

If you want to sample a huge range of Florentine food, then the Foodies Walk is your chance! Your palate will be indulged with some of the richest and most decadent morsels in Florence as your guide takes you to local food stores, hidden gem restaurants and beloved bars.

You will hear about how the local olive oil and balsamic vinegar are produced, and sample this light and delicious extra virgin olive oil for yourself. Your knowledge of food history will be expanded as you try truffles, chocolate, gelato, cheese and more. Stop for a glass of Chianti after your three-hour tour to rest your feet and mull over all you have discovered.

Top 5 Florence Food Tours on a Budget 2

Local Food Tour in Santo Spirito

Are your days in Florence full of culture and art? Then why not spend your evening learning about food with this Local Food Tour in Santo Spirito? This tour gives you three hours to spend with your guide, who will introduce you to the locals who make the Florence food scene shine.

You can chat with bakers and chefs to find out more about your favourite meals, and find the most unusual nooks and crannies in this scenic city. You will also be able to try a huge range of foods and taste locally-produced wine. Sit down and try the traditional Florentine steak, as well as sample plenty of other treats - just make sure to bring your appetite!

Walking Food Tour

The historic central area of Florence is your playground on this Walking Food Tour. Take time out of your schedule to spend 3.5 hours with an experienced multilingual guide who can tell you everything you want to know about the food culture and history of Florence.

You can sample some of the highest quality food that the city has to offer and hear more about the historic attractions and buildings that dot this area. You will taste some artisanal cheese and different meats, fluffy fresh bread, and pasta made by hand. If you follow a plant-based diet, you will also be able to try some incredible dishes created with the best local produce.

Your guide will provide you with refreshing bottled water, as well as lunch and tastings at five different spots. The small group tour will give you a real opportunity to ask questions and sate your curiosity as well as your hunger. If you want to combine finding out more about the heart of Florence while tasting some incredible cuisine, then this tour is one you shouldn’t miss.

Top 5 Florence Food Tours on a Budget 3

Vintage Chianti Tour in a Fiat 500

Have you ever imagined yourself starring in an Italian film shot in black and white? While a little less budget-conscious than some of the other tours on our list, you get plenty for your money on this six-hour tour! Head outside of the city and experience the beauty of the countryside on a Vintage Chianti Tour - you'll travel around in a Fiat 500 with lunch and a visit to a winery included.

You will feel as though you have driven into a charming Italian movie right out of the 1950s as you head into the hills of Chianti. The car is iconic and so is the location. This is wine country and your tour guide will organise the best places for you to visit.

Charming villages and authentic vineyards await as you drive through this beautiful area, taking winding roads before stopping to eat a light Tuscan lunch and sample local wines. Few tours will be as romantic and immersive as this - so consider adding it to your Florence itinerary.

Top 5 Florence Food Tours on a Budget

When visiting Florence, a large part of its charm and history can be found in its unique food and the people who make it. These Florence food tours on a budget can give you a glimpse of the traditional cuisine that this place is famous for. Whether you stay within the city or head out to discover a little more of Tuscany, you can save money and enjoy an incredible experience. Check out all the Florence food and drink tours on offer at and book your favourite today.

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