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Bangkok is an incredible city with a thriving food and drink scene and a world-class reputation for its exciting nightlife. More and more of us are choosing to travel to Thailand and in particular, its buzzing capital city. However, if it's your first time visiting Bangkok, here we take a look at 5 frequently asked questions ahead of your trip. From must-try local delicacies to where to find the most stylish restaurants, below we uncover a beginner's guide to eating out in this incredible city.

Common questions about Bangkok food and drink

The capital of Thailand is home to some of the best cuisine in Asia, from traditional local street vendors selling sweetcorn fritters to exclusive rooftop bars serving elaborate cocktails. Most travellers to Bangkok will have plenty of questions and in this vibrant, bustling city it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to eating out. Whether you need restaurant recommendations, an idea of what drinks to order or some local dishes you can't miss out on, our Bangkok food and drink FAQs have the answer!

1) Where is the best place to eat in Bangkok?

Bangkok is full of incredible street food vendors, restaurants and food and drink experiences, but there are some legendary places to eat that you really can't miss out on. Some of the most popular restaurants in Bangkok include Eat Me, Silom for contemporary Asian cuisine, Thip Samai which has been serving incredible Pad Thai for over 50 years and Inter Restaurant for a wide range of exquisite curries.

For a unique dining experience, The Namsaah Bottling Trust is famous for its quirky decor and exceptional dishes. Ruan Songnaree, or The House of Two Women, is the perfect place to experience authentic Thai cooking, with local recipes and intricate vegetable carving techniques. Fine diners will love Bua by Kiin Kiin, Blue Elephant or Le Normandie for french cuisine. Experience one of the best places to eat in Bangkok with a restaurant dining experience, with everything sorted for you, exceptional views of the city and delicious dining options for every taste.

2) What are the best Bangkok local dishes?

There are so many amazing dishes to try in Bangkok, from sweet treats to spicy curries to delicious rice dishes. Known for fragrant, firey flavours, Thai cuisine is a delight for all of the senses and Bangkok is the perfect place to try something new! If you're looking to try some unique dishes that Bangkok is famous for try

- Kaeng Khiao Wan (Green Chicken Curry)
- Kua Kling (Spicy Stir-fried Pork or Beef)
- Kow Neuw (Thai Sticky Rice)
- Gooay Teeo Kooa Gai (Squid and Noodles)
- Sooan (Oysters with Egg)
- Kow Mok (Spicy Rice Biryani)
- Sate (Grilled Meat Skewers)

Travellers will also love Thai dumplings, which can be found in hundreds of colours and flavours in markets around the city. If you are a fan of tasty sweet treats, try Khao Neaw Ma Muang (Mango with sticky rice), Kluay Thod (Deep-fried bananas) and Khanom Bueang (Delightful sweet mini crepes, also known as Thai tacos). If you want to try your hand at Thai cooking, learn to make some of Bangkok's most popular local dishes in an authentic Thai cooking class so you can take your favourite recipes home with you.

3) What can vegetarians and vegans eat in Bangkok?

There are plenty of amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Bangkok, including May Veggie Home, Veganerie Concept, Broccoli Revolution and Khun Churn. Thai food in Bangkok includes a variety of salads, vegetable dishes, noodles, soups, rice dishes and incredible Tofu delicacies to choose from. Many Thai dishes are vegan, like Tom yam (spicy tomato soup) and vegetable Pad Thai, but make sure to ask that they don't add fish sauce. It's also a good idea to learn a few phrases in Thai for vegetarians, including 'Mawng Sa Vee Rat' which means vegetarian, 'Gin Jay' which means vegan and 'Mai Gin Neau Sat' which translates as I do not eat meat.

4) What drinks should you order in Bangkok?

For a sweet and refreshing cool drink, Thai iced tea or Cha Yen is sold by street vendors around the city and it is the country's favourite non-alcoholic drink. Try famous Thai beers like Chang and Singha in some of the friendly local pubs. Whiskey drinkers should try Mekhong and Sangsom whiskey, made in Thailand with sugarcane. You should also try Nom Yen, which is a delicious iced milk drink with Sala syrup that can be found on nearly every street in the city. Try local cocktails like The Siam Mary at the St Regis Hotel, Tom Yum Siam at the Four Seasons and The Orchard cocktail at WTF. If you're unsure what to order in a Bangkok bar, book a luxury Bangkok drinks experience and try incredible cocktails in stunning surroundings to find your favourite.

5) Is it expensive to eat out in Bangkok?

Compared to a lot of cities, Bangkok can be an incredibly affordable place to try new food and drink experiences. Bangkok is a stop off for almost every traveller, with a wide variety of street food vendors providing tasty and cheap dining experiences. Of course, certain fine dining restaurants can be expensive in Bangkok, however not compared to the prices you'd expect to pay in London or Paris for a Michelin-starred meal. You can find extraordinary set menus, dining experiences and tasting menus in restaurants around Bangkok to try lots of different dishes made by talented local chefs. For an incredible and affordable meal, try Chennai Kitchen, Suda Restuarant and Jay So, who serve traditional Thai street food you can enjoy on the go.

Book a food and drink tour in Bangkok

If you want to truly discover the delights of the Bangkok food and drink scene, browse our unique range of food and drink experiences in Bangkok today. Book an incredible experience and enjoy the best local delicacies, learn to cook authentic Thai cuisine or explore the bustling Bangkok markets with a local foodie expert.

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