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If you're thinking about booking a trip to Athens, it's likely you're also thinking about the many food and drink experiences that will be available. After all, one of the most exciting parts of any trip abroad is getting to experience the unique delicacies and flavours that that city or country has to offer. And, as one of the most frequented Mediterranean countries in the world, Greece has bountiful food to offer. This means that Athens, as the capital of Greece, also has much to offer.

FAQs Athens Food and Drink

In this article, we provide answers to 5 of the most frequently asked questions about Athens' food and drink so that you can be totally prepared for the culinary delights you'll experience on your holiday.

What dishes are worth trying while visiting Athens?

While in Athens, there are many dishes that you should aim to try. There are both savoury and sweet treats galore, meaning even the pickiest of eaters will be hard-pressed to find a dish they don't like. Some must-try dishes in Athens include moussaka, which is a baked dish consisting of minced beef, aubergines, tomatoes, bechamel sauce and cheese, and souvlaki, which refers to meat that has been skewered and grilled.

There is also tzatziki, which is a popular dip, choriatiki, which is a traditional Greek salad, bougatsa, which is a Greek custard pie combined with phyllo, and baklava, which is a layered pastry filled with chopped nuts.

Top 5 FAQs about Athens Food and Drink 1

Where can you eat street food in Athens?

Street food is offered all across Athens, meaning you can easily find a vendor that offers quality and delicious street food. Fusion food is a popular element of many Athens street food restaurants and cafes, so you may even be able to experience traditional Grecian food mixed with other distinct flavours. Here are some of the places that are renowned for selling quality street food inspired by Athens and other cuisines:

Chef and the Dog: A takeaway food bar that specialises in hot dogs. Chef and the Dog sell both traditional hot dog and "creative" hot dogs. This includes Korean-inspired hot dogs topped with kimchi and a Mexican-inspired hot dog topped with jalapeños.

Grexico: A street food vendor situated next to the iconic Mitropoleos Cathedral. Grexico fuses classic Greek flavours with staple Mexican flavours to create distinct and delicious dishes. They sell tacos, quesadillas, burritos, freshly tossed salads and more.

Feyrouz: A small, unassuming street food seller specialising in street food infused with iconic oriental flavours. Feyrouz's most popular dishes include the fatayer, which is not too dissimilar from a Greek spinach pie.

Falafellas: A trendy street food vendor that's hit social media in recent times. Falafellas is renowned for their falafel sandwiches, with customers often enduring a 15-minute queue just to get their hands on one.

Etnico: A provider of alternative street food cuisine. Etnico's menu contains elements from cuisines all around the world, with staple dishes including chimichangas, falafel, and quesadillas. Favoured for their healthy and tasty dishes and fresh juice to wash food down.

What kind of alcohol do they drink in Athens?

In Athens, the most widely drank alcohol is Greece's national alcoholic beverage, ouzo. Ouzo is made from wine-making grapes that are then distilled into what is known as grappa. This grappa is then infused with an anise flavour during the second heating.

Ouzo most commonly has an alcoholic percentage of around 40%; the texture is silky and the overall taste is sweet. Tsipouro, which is also often known as raki, is another popular alcoholic drink in Athens.

Top 5 FAQs about Athens Food and Drink 2

Where are some of the best places to dine out in Athens?

Athens has no shortage of fantastic places to eat. Whether you want a laidback, casual cafe to enjoy brunch in or want something more atmospheric and bustling in the evening, you're sure to find somewhere. There are both authentic establishments and tourist hotspots. Some of the most popular Athens eateries include:

Tavern Klimataria: A rustic restaurant that offers a comforting style of Grecian home cooking. You can also enjoy live performances whilst you dine.

Varoulko: A seaside restaurant with one Michelin star. They specialise in serving exceptional seafood cooked by an award-winning chef and team.

To Kati Allo: A restaurant situated behind the Acropolis Museum. You can enjoy a range of traditional dishes here, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Orizontes Lycabettus: An upscale restaurant only accessible via cable car. They serve a range of high-class seafood-based cuisines. Dine out on a terrace.

Hytra: A restaurant and bar situated on the sixth floor of the Onassis arts centre. You can experience unique cocktails and dishes inspired by the Greek's love of herbs, syrups and more.

Lukumades: A street-food cafe that offers delicious and affordable desserts. They are vegetarian friendly and renowned for providing a wide range of flavours.

What food tours are available in Athens?

There are many food tours available in Athens. There are tours to suit all tastes and desires, including wine tasting tours, local delicacy tours, street cooking classes and more.

Wine tasting tours: Wine tasting tours are often led by a local sommelier that has ample expertise in what the city has to offer regarding alcoholic drinks. Wine tasting tours in Athens will likely be held either at a restaurant or a dedicated vineyard.

Food tasting tours: Food tasting tours take you around some of the city's favourite eating locations, including small eateries and Michelin-starred Athens restaurants. Food tasting sessions in Athens are most often held at a restaurant or cafe, but venues may vary.

Street cooking classes: Street cooking classes are classes that you can participate in and learn more about cooking authentic Greek dishes. Street cooking classes in Athens can be held in a variety of locations, including in designated classrooms or in restaurants and cafes.

Athens Food and Drink Experiences

For more information on where you can eat and drink in Athens, browse tabl. today. We're the go-to directory for food and drink insight around the world, including around Europe and Asia. Find out more about the best places to eat with our Athens food and drink experiences and more.

Top 5 FAQs about Athens Food and Drink 3

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