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One of the most immersive experiences when exploring food in a new destination is to get hands-on, such as our cooking in San Sebastian for Summer 2023.

San Sebastian is widely considered Spain's gastronomic capital. As well as a class paella class we also suggest the likes of learning how to make authentic "pintxo", a local variant of traditional tapas or delve deeper into the local culture with Spanish tortilla.

Indulge in the unique culture of Basque Country with these cooking classes in San Sebastian for summer 2023. Whether you want to learn the fine arts of Michelin-star restaurants or enjoy a fun afternoon cooking with family, our classes are perfect for you.

Top Cooking Classes in San Sebastian for Summer 2023

Delight in the heart-warming and shared experience of cooking and devouring delicious cuisine that tantalizes your taste buds and warms your soul.

San Sebastian: Michelin Secrets Cooking Class

Experience the ultimate luxury with our Michelin Star Secrets Cooking Class in San Sebastián. We pay homage to the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain and their city by taking guests on a journey of the meticulous effort it takes to create the perfect tasting menu. Indulge in the art of gastronomy and discover the secrets of those Michelin stars.

If you're passionate about cooking and aspire to master top restaurant-style techniques, our course was made just for you! Join an exquisite sensory journey as expert chefs showcase the latest culinary practices, teaching you how to effortlessly incorporate them into your own kitchen.

Explore the intricate nuances of taste and texture without leaving San Sebastian's heart. Elevate your culinary prowess by enrolling now!

Market Tour & Seasonal Cooking Class

Our market tour and seasonal celebration of fresh, locally sourced produce is a wonder to behold and a pleasure to explore. Experience the colours, scents and tastes of our markets - a bountiful feast for the senses!

After hand-picking the choicest seasonal ingredients, relish in delectable culinary gems that celebrate the freshness and unique savours of our region's bountiful offerings.

Explore the market with our chefs to discover an array of seafood at busy fish stalls. Then, in our school, learn to artfully craft exquisite dishes with expertly selected wines.

Pintxos, Tapas and more Cooking Class

Discover the ultimate authentic culinary experience with our renowned Pintxos, Tapas and more Cooking Classes in San Sebastian. Indulge in the best flavours and learn from our skilled chefs the secrets of traditional Basque cuisine. Don't miss out on this immersion into the culinary culture of Spain!

In San Sebastián, it's not just tapas you'll feast on, but rather, exquisite pintxos! These sophisticated appetizers are a true representation of the gourmet persona of this city. To truly experience its charm and culinary delights, venture from bar to bar, tantalizing your taste buds with each unique establishment's speciality.

We'll scour the market for the freshest ingredients and enjoy a gilda at our favourite stall. Afterwards, we'll pause at a local bar for a pintxo and a glass of wine before returning to our kitchen to prepare San Sebastián's finest tapas and pintxos.

Tortilla Croquetas & Pil Pil Cooking Class

Are you ready to learn the secrets behind some of Basque Country's and Spain's most iconic and quintessential recipes? Look no further! Join us for an exclusive cooking class at San Sebastian and delve into the world of culinary mastery.

Under the guidance of our expert chefs, you will learn to create Tortilla Croquetas & Pil Pil like a pro. Discover the techniques and ingredients that have made these dishes legendary, and gain the confidence to recreate them at home.

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your culinary skills and impress your loved ones with your newfound mastery. Book your spot today and embark on an unforgettable culinary journey.  Our dinner sessions are exclusively conducted in the evening - the perfect way to indulge in the best of both worlds!

Master the Art of Cooking Spanish Omelette Like a Pro

Have you ever tasted the scrumptious Spanish omelette, also known as tortilla española, potato omelette or the Spanish frittata? It's a delicacy renowned in Spain and around the world.

The iconic Tortilla Patatas holds a special place in Spanish cuisine. Whether it be a small gathering or a grand occasion, it never fails to delight. This specific potato omelette, with its simple flavours and unique texture, has over time, become an emblem of Spanish gastronomic identity, cherished by generations.

Indulge in a Spanish culinary adventure as we prepare four unique tortilla dishes, starting with the classic recipe followed by three sensational variations. Our package includes an intricately designed apron souvenir, a recipe booklet, mouth-watering cuisine, and your preferred wine or selection of soft beverages. Don't miss out on this exquisite experience!

Book Cooking Classes in San Sebastian with

Fancy joining one of the top cooking classes in San Sebastian for summer 2023 with In which case we have even more to choose from here. Alternatively contact us via our online chat where an assistant will be ready to help book your perfect class!

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