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Just outside of Rome, cooking classes in Civitavecchia are ideal for those escaping the city or on a cruise to discover authentic Italian cuisine.

Although the quaint town itself offers limited attractions, such as a vibrant market, a magnificent cathedral, and a historic fort, its true allure lies in the endless exploration that awaits just beyond its shores.

As for cooking classes in Civitavecchia, it's an experience that combines gastronomic bliss with a deep appreciation for the local culture and history. Wandering through the picturesque narrow streets of the old town of Civitavecchia and visiting the colourful market area to taste local produce is a must!

Top 5 Cooking Classes in Civitavecchia

Below are a selection of our best cooking classes in Civitavecchia, ideal for those visiting Rome or the surrounding areas.

Private Pasta Class and Dining Experience  with a Local Home Cook

Embark on a culinary journey through Italy, diving deep into its vibrant gastronomic culture. Learn to craft three unique pasta shapes with the guidance of a local expert in their home. Gain invaluable expertise to effortlessly recreate these mouthwatering delicacies with finesse.

Enjoy crafting three authentic regional pasta recipes during this interactive class. Led by an experienced chef, you'll receive valuable insights and techniques while working at fully-equipped workstations, complete with premium-quality ingredients and utensils.

Engage in delightful conversations while gathered around a table, enriched by the company of a knowledgeable and passionate home cook. Indulge in the exquisite flavours of the meal, flawlessly paired with locally sourced wines, for an unforgettable dining experience.

Local market visit and private cooking class at a local's home

Experience the vibrant local market and explore traditional food shops accompanied by a knowledgeable home cook. Delve into the rich culture as you indulge in a private cooking class at the home of a local expert. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavours and warm hospitality of the region.

In the class, our lovely host will unveil the secrets behind three authentic recipes. Get ready to have a blast putting your cooking skills to the test! Each participant will have their own workstation fully equipped with utensils and all the delicious ingredients to make these mouthwatering dishes. 

Experience the savouring of every dish you have meticulously prepared during a delightful Italian meal. Enhance the culinary journey by complementing your feast with a carefully curated selection of locally sourced, exquisite wines. 

Private Pizza & Tiramisù Class at a local's home with lunch or dinner

Seize the chance to become a ‘pizzaiolo’ (pizza-maker) and an exceptional tiramisu connoisseur! Step into a local home, engage with a skilled home cook, and unravel the secrets of how Italian mamas and nonnas perfected the art of crafting delectable homemade pizza.

With this exclusive and personalised private hands-on cooking class, you will have the incredible opportunity to learn and master the art of preparing delicious meals. 

Afterwards, sit down and relish the exquisite lunch that you have skilfully prepared. Indulge in the rich flavours, savour the mouthwatering aromas, and delight in the perfect blend of textures and tastes. Of course, plenty of wine will be flowing! 

Small-group Street food tour in Civitavecchia with a local home cook

Immerse yourself in Italy like a true foodie connoisseur! Embark on a culinary adventure, uncovering the hidden gems of your host's trusted artisanal food shops. Sample and savour along the way, while discovering the city's authentic culinary delights. Ready, set, indulge!

Embark on a mouthwatering street food adventure! Our exclusive small-group tour, is expertly led by your knowledgeable host. Enjoy a wonderful culinary journey to the finest artisanal food shops.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the local street food, from sizzling hot grilled meats to freshly baked pastries and exotic spices. Explore the hidden gems of the culinary world while discovering the rich cultural heritage of the neighbourhoods we visit.

Private lunch or dinner with an Italian family with Cooking Demo

Get ready for an amazing private dining experience with an awesome Italian family! Indulge in a 4-course menu featuring starters, pasta, main course, and dessert. You'll get to taste authentic Italian recipes passed down by real Italian Mammas in their family cookbooks. 

Come and join us for a delightful cooking demonstration, where our wonderful host will showcase their impressive culinary skills by preparing mouth-watering dishes right before your eyes!

Immerse yourself in the heartfelt warmth of Italian hospitality by connecting with the local people. As you indulge in the authentic flavours of the region, you'll forge unforgettable memories, form meaningful friendships.

Book Cooking Classes in Civitavecchia with

Embark on a gastronomic escapade like no other, exploring the realm of culinary wonders at our exclusive cooking classes in Civitavecchia. Spice up your life and book with today!

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