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Barcelona is a city that has it all - from the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea to the glamour of its architecture and art, along with Spanish food tours that sample local produce.

For example, if you're looking for a city with a rich history and stunning buildings, Barcelona is your place. The Royal Palace of Pedralbes, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera and Sagrada Familia are just a few of the many incredible and iconic structures you'll encounter along the way.

However, there's more to Barcelona than the typical tourist destinations. It's also a great place to taste the magical local cuisine, with food tours of the Catalan capital just one way to help make the city an unforgettable travel experience.

Top 5 Barcelona Food Tours that Sample Local Produce

In this article, our team walk you through 5 Barcelona food tours that sample local produce from within the Catalan region.

Boqueria and Santa Caterina Markets with Food and Tapas

If you're looking for a great way to sample the local produce, you've got to check out the Boqueria and Santa Caterina markets with their various food and tapas available. The first market (located on the famous Las Ramblas) is filled with vendors selling everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to seafood to meat and vegetables.

Although, on this part of the tour we recommend keeping your stomach fairly empty - as straight afterwards, your guide will take you to sample a delicacy sprung from Northern Spain: pintxos.

With your energy restored, it's then time to visit another famous market, Santa Caterina, which is known for its succulent delicacies as well as the interesting, wavy architecture.

Paella Cooking Workshop with a Professional Chef (Lunch Included)

When in Barcelona, there's no better way of tasting the local produce than taking part in a professional paella cooking workshop.

This authentic cooking class is a chance to learn all about the history of paella and how it's prepared, as well as created your very own dish! The chef teaches you how to locate and pick out the finest pieces of produce to put into your seafood paella, but also how to make the perfect sangria to accompany your meal.

This food experience is truly unforgettable, as it’s one that you can take home and recreate either for yourself or with friends and family. Although the latter gives you a reason to show off this traditional Spanish dish and its amazing ingredients!

Montserrat Monastery Visit and Lunch at a Local Farmhouse

Barcelona offers a variety of opportunities for visitors to enjoy food tours that sample local produce. The Montserrat Monastery visit and lunch at a farmhouse tour is one of them.

This is an experience that also allows you to explore the local winemaking trade. You can spend hours touring the olive trees and vines that make up some of the most elegant bottles found within the city. Not only this, but you also get to enjoy the local produce via a three-course meal prepared by the family that runs this monastery.

In between the courses of fresh salad, barbecued meat (as well as vegetarian and halal options also available) and sweet desserts, you can take in the beautiful scenery of Catalonia.

Private Family Food Tour with Expert Local Guide

One of the most unique ways to experience the food culture of Barcelona is to get a look at the local scene beyond the typical, tourist-based restaurants. As such, we recommend taking a private food tour with an expert local guide!

This is because a local tour guide can show you how the locals live with trips to some of the city's staple restaurants. Whereas commercial tours are more likely to take you somewhere that gains commission from your booking or is part of a wider chain.

While you tour some remarkable locations, such as the Santa Pau Del Camp church (which incidentally is also ideal for children, due to its playground area), you can also be tucking into mouth-watering local dishes such as croquetas, churros and patatas bravas.

Tablao de Carmen Flamenco Show and Dinner in Barcelona

Are you in Barcelona and looking for a show that will take your breath away? If you wish to see some of the best flamenco dancers in the world and sample delicious Spanish food then this is certainly the right choice. With this particular booking, you'll not only be served dinner but also take in the infamous Tablao de Carmen Flamenco Show.

During the experience, you gain access to a variety of menus. For example, on the Tapas menu, you can opt to taste the crunch of Andalusian bread snacks and locally grown juicy olives, as well as some delicious oxtail stew croquettes.

Barcelona Food Tours that Sample Local Produce

For more information on the top 5 Barcelona food tours that sample local produce, feel free to contact a member of the tabl. team today. Alternatively, search our website for even more food and drink experiences in Barcelona.

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