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Discover the beauty of Portuguese wine, during one of our wine tours in Lisbon. After all, the Lisbon wine region is not only home to the best wines in Portugal but also sits among some incredible scenic views.

While Lisbon is a thriving capital city, book a tour from your hotel and you’ll soon venture into the surrounding vineyards. Just to the North and West of Lisbon are 9 sub-zones, all of which make up the wider “Lisboa” wine region.

It is here you will soon uncover the red wines of Alenquer and the white wines from Bucelas. Not only that, but you can also combine your wine tours in Lisbon with a range of other food and drink experiences.

About the Lisbon Wine Region

The capital of Portugal overlooks the Atlantic coastline, although also benefits from the Mediterranean climate. Meanwhile, the vines of the Colares region make the most of the sandy terroir found along the Portuguese Riviera and the Sintra Mountain Range.

However, despite the high winds that can affect the region during the winter months, it’s the Serra de Montejunto hills that tend to protect the vineyards. As such, the vines thrive in the ideal growing conditions.

In fact, there are over 30 different types of vines available within the Lisbon wine region. All of which are utilised to produce a wide variety of local wines. As well as those stronger bottles of traditional Port. In recent years, Lisbon wine production has become somewhat more commercial, with an emphasis on exporting to the international market.

Some of the more common grape varieties include Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot. Which you are likely to find within the mass-produced Portuguese wines. However, the native varieties (referred to locally as “Casta”) are those that should be sampled during an authentic wine tour in Lisbon. Especially if you wish to learn about Portugal’s more traditional wine-making.

Other Wine Regions in Portugal

Although the Lisboa wine region covers the surrounding area, Lisbon vineyards are relatively small by comparison to elsewhere. They are, however, in high demand, which often results in the additional cost being passed on to the end consumer, creating more expensive vintages.

Elsewhere in Portugal, wine tours will often include those visiting the Minho province towards the north of the country. Here you will find the Vinho Verde wine region, along with its 9 subregions.

Alvarinho and Loureiro are the more predominant white grapes, whereby the former is known for resulting in higher alcoholic content. The latter, more subtle yet fragrant glasses of vino. Then there are the Vinhão grapes, largely used to produced full-bodied reds, with peppery undertones.

As for the best place to visit for an authentic bottle of Port, head to the Douro region. Although the history of Port is best left for a blog another day!

However, during a tour of Portugal, treat yourself to at least one or two glasses of Port during your visit.

Food and Drink Experiences in Lisbon

As well as wine tours in Lisbon, we also have a selection of other food and drink experiences available. So why not book an activity, cookery class or food tour in Portugal and across Europe ahead of your travels. Bringing you real food, by real people, as we delve into the world of wine and food tourism.

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