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When it comes to laying claim to the best Scottish whisky, there are a number of brands to choose from. As well as some lesser-known, regional favourites. As such if you’re visiting Scotland, then why not book a distillery tour in the Highlands or Aberdeen and have a “wee dram” for yourself.

Distillery tours in Scotland are the chance to see how this popular spirit is produced. Along with how the local Scotch differs from other whisky from around the world. In fact, there’s so much more to Scottish whisky than just ordering the house special.

Different Types of Whisky

Firstly, let’s start with the spelling. While it could be argued there’s no real difference between “whisky” and “whiskey”, book a distillery tour in the Highlands from Inverness or Aberdeen and you'll soon discover the Scots will disagree! 

Traditionally, whiskey (spelled with an “e") refers to that of Irish whiskeys. Whereas whisky (without the “e) is that of Scottish or even American origin.

Although, of course, it can get much more complicated than that! Especially if you break it down further to include Scotch or American bourbon. Not only that, but the spirit is also produced the world over, with even countries such as Japan have become market leaders in recent years.

As for traditional Scotch, it can only be classed at such if it comes out of Scotland, distilled to a minimum of 40% ABV. With its key ingredient traditionally from malted grains, the best Scottish Whisky then ranges from smoky single malts to that of smooth blends with hints of vanilla or spices.

The Best Scottish Whisky

As with any food or drink, the best Scottish whisky is down to personal preference. Therefore, if you’re on a distillery tour in Scotland, you may wish to choose one with several tasters included. Alternatively, book a tour of a distillery that produces your favourite tipple.

It’s also worth noting that the likes of Johnnie Walker and Famous Grouse are among the top-selling. However, local varieties available within Scotland are much greater. Here at we would recommend brands such as Glenlivet. In particular, their classic 15-year-old single malt as the perfect introduction.

Although that’s in regards to the best Scottish Whisky that you can easily find in your nearby Off License or supermarket. If you’re taking a distillery tour in Scotland, Glenfiddich is possibly one of the biggest names available in Speyside. While the highlands feature Ardmore distillery, Glenmorangie and a host of bespoke and independent brands.

For authentic experiences, then rather than just heading straight to the distilleries, take a pub crawl of the local bars. As you meet the locals, you’ll soon discover their own recommendations. With some public houses having a highly sought after bottle reserved for those special occasions.

Distillery Tours in Scotland

If you consider yourself a whisky connoisseur or wish to find out more about the distillery process, book a distillery tour in the Highlands from Inverness or Aberdeen.

Where you will find not only brewery and distillery tours, but food experiences, cooking classes and the very best in local restaurants.

Popular Food and Drink in Aberdeen

When it comes to authentic food and drink in Aberdeen, there’s much more to the city than just traditional Scottish dishes. Read this article Popular Food and Drink in Aberdeen for information

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