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Within this amazing destination, the very best Hong Kong food tours will embrace the local culture. After all, Hong Kong has a rich history of both Chinese and Western influences, which are also represented within its diverse and contemporary cuisine.

As a result, food and drink experiences in Hong Kong are the opportunity to fully appreciate the local way of life. After all, the diverse mix of food that is on offer in Hong Kong has made it a foodie paradise. One that starts from traditional street food vendors and carries through to some of the world's leading chefs.

The Best Hong Kong Food Tours

As well as those traditional dishes, our Hong Kong food tours also include a look into modern gastronomy. As such, providing foodies with an experience that covers all angles of Hong Kong's food tourism industry.

Private Kowloon Street Food and Culture Tour (4 hours)

This is a great time to take a food tour because in the evening Hong Kong is even more amazing! This night tour of Kowloon takes you for a comprehensive exploration of all the area. You will hear all about the history, and how it became a part of the British empire.

The evening will start with a food tour of Sham Shui Po’s gorgeous freshly made street food. Enjoy a portion of pork and leek dumplings, followed by tofu pudding. Then it’s off to a local bakery for a choice of puddings, steamed sugar cakes, fried sesame seed balls and much more if you fancy!

Then it’s off to Mong Kok, a busy area with plenty of shops and markets. It is also the place for the Triads, an organised criminal gang in Hong Kong that you will learn all about. After a good exploration of Mong Kok, we then travel to the district of Tsim Sha Tsui on the peninsula of Kowloon.

The area of Tsim Sha Tsui has a lot to see including the Chungking Mansions, a run-down 17 story building housing cheap guesthouses with a lot of history. Then, in conflicting contrast, we will visit the art deco Peninsula hotel, an amazing historic building.

Private Food Tour of Hong Kong (4 hours)

This tour is a great way for foodies wanting to indulge in delicious, exceptional local cuisine. During the tour, you will learn all about Hong Kong’s food culture that reflects the combination of the British and Chinese heritage.

The tour starts with a traditional Dim Sum breakfast situated in an old tea house. Then it’s off to a family-run Wonton Noodle shop that is recommended by the Michelin Guide. Enjoy a short break for a cup of milk tea, the most popular drink in Hong Kong.

We will then travel by Ding (tram) to a family-run restaurant, and taste the very best Char Siu (barbecued pork) which will be served with rice and homemade sauces. Then the tour ends with a visit to a local bakery to enjoy a Hong Kong classic - an Egg Tart.

Kowloon Street Food and Culture Tour (4 hours)

Another wonderful evening tour of Kowloon, to see the city colourfully lit up and buzzing. The tour will explore in-depth the region of Kowloon, discovering the famous street food.

The evening commences with tasting Sham Shui Po’s best street food, including a bakery listed in the Michelin guide. As well as providing travellers with a substantial meal along the way, before a cold beer along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.

As well as a Hong Kong Street food tour, there's also time to explore the local markets Chungking Mansions and Peninsula hotel. Along with an insight into the world-renowned criminal activities of the Mong Kok district.

Old Kowloon Eats: Private Hong Kong Food Tour (4 hours)

This is definitely up there as one of the best Hong Kong food tours for all you avid foodies out there. After all, the tour includes 10 food stops, where you will sample more than fifteen various dishes and drinks. There's also a visit to a fruit and seafood market. Along with an introduction to the ancient culture of Hong Kong, all while enjoying delectable food.

With your local foodie guide, enjoy authentic food such as Cantonese fish balls and truffle-filled pork dumplings. As well as tea time treats including "wrapping cake", hot pineapple buns and milk tea.

Not only that but there's also a trip through the backstreet to one of the last remaining Dai Pai Dong street carts. Here can enjoy spicy clams, steamed black bean fish and delicious tofu pudding.

Hong Kong Food Tours

Explore Hong Kong’s delicious food markets, popular restaurants and local street food stalls. Discover the history of the surrounding neighbourhoods through their food culture. By joining our Hong Kong food tours, foodies can experience the best in authentic tastes of Cantonese cuisine. Book a tour today with

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