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Getting to know the best countries to visit if you are vegan can be so much fun. As you can learn all about the local cuisine in order to find out which dishes are vegan. Especially if you join a vegan and vegetarian food tour, although many other food experiences also off meat-free options!

It will also give you an insight into the local culture and alternative places to eat. Plus, by joining a vegan foodie tour, you will get to try many authentic dishes that other tourists might not get a chance to taste.

Nowadays, all over the world, food experiences are becoming much more vegan friendly. Take a look at the below countries that stand out as some of the best places to visit.

The Best Countries to Visit if You are Vegan

Nowadays, all over the world, food experiences are becoming much more vegan-friendly. Take a look at the below countries that stand out as some of the best places to visit.








Greek cuisine may be well-known for its famous ‘souvlaki’, which is basically meat on a stick. However, due to the Greek tradition, vegan and vegetarian food tours showcase a large variety of traditional Greek dishes that are entirely vegan.

Within the Greek Orthodox Church, there are 180 recognised fasting days in Greece. Although in Greek culture, fasting doesn't mean not eating. It simply means you avoid eating animal-based foods, which is perfect for the vegan foodie.

Just remember that "Nistisima" food is nearest the equivalent for a vegan diet. As long as you explain you don't eat honey or any seafood, then a vegan food tour in Greece will be amazing.

Try our "Original Vegan Food Tour" in Athens and you won't be disappointed, book online before you travel.


India has 3 major religions - Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Whereby the practice of "Ahimsa" (no violence towards all beings) is highly respected. As a result of the Indian custom carries this through to its love of animals. Resulting in India being a country with the highest number of vegans in the world.

India is also known for having a multitude of vegetarian restaurants. Whereby even those serving meat will automatically have a large variety of vegan dishes on their menu. However, do enquire about specific dairy products like ghee (clarified butter), paneer (cheese) and yoghurt.

In the south of the country, coconut milk takes priority over cow’s milk, and nearly all Indian dishes are naturally vegan.


Just like India, China also engages in an early divine tradition supporting non-violence concerning all living beings.

Buddhist Monks in China devised their own recipes, becoming accomplished vegan chefs. As the Buddhist teachings don't allow the killing of living beings. Therefore, all Buddhist monks produce and eat only vegan cuisine.

Today, a good many Buddhist temples have incorporated vegetarian restaurants to their temples that are open to members of the public. They serve delicious meat-free dishes made from seitan. Seitan was actually invented by the monks in China going back as far as the sixth century!


Malaysia offers lots of different Southeast Asian cuisines, such as Indian, Chinese, and old-style Malaysian influences. You will be treated to flavours from Indonesia, Thailand, and European countries.

Malaysia has wonderful tasty street food stalls to really high-quality restaurants, offering all sorts of dining variations. There are plenty of noodle shops, owned and run by Chinese-Malaysians. The Chinese vegetarian buffet restaurants are often tailored to the Buddhist Chinese-Malaysian population. As such, naturally offer a wide arrange of options for the vegan foodie.


When you think of Turkey you probably then think of kebabs. However,  there are more than enough of local specialities for vegans. The main authentic, home-cooked cuisine focusses on beans and vegetables. Which are mainly cooked in olive oi and kept separately from any meat products.

A great place to enjoy the plant-based dishes is at the many "home-cooked" restaurants. The family-run eateries serving traditional Turkish food at good prices, ideal for those on a tight budget.

Turkish people love meze platters. These are small dishes served as starters before the main meal, most of the meze is also vegan or easy to adapt. A good place to find meze is at one of the numerous seafood restaurants.

The custom is to first serve a plate of cold meze, followed by a plate of hot meze. The latter would normally come out as the fish-course, but if you stick to the starter you can enjoy an array of dishes without going hungry.


Vegans and vegetarians will love Peru. The country offers so many gorgeous tasty vegan-based meals that boast traditional Peruvian cuisine options.

Peru is also home to the world’s finest cacao! Containing antioxidants that makes cacao a well-known superfood. If you have a sweet tooth, sample "mazamorra morada", a dairy-free sweet made of purple corn. Which often also contains fruit such as peaches and plums.

Picarones is another vegan dessert you should try while on a vegan tour in Peru. It’s a doughnut sweet treat that includes sweet potato, topped with a syrup called "miel de chancaca".

Discover Real Food, by Real People...

With an idea of the best countries to visit if you are vegan, start planning your vegan and vegetarian food tours with tabl. We have a  wide choice of food experiences, including a number of vegan tours around the world.

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