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Abu Dhabi will literally ‘blow your mind’ and is the ultimate Wow factor! It is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and also said to be the richest city in the world. Boasting fantastic landscapes, rich culture, exquisite desert sunsets, fantastic architecture and the most amazingly delicious international cuisine that plays an essential part in the Emirate life style.

When the Arabian sunset falls on the city, what could be better than splashing out and relishing the ambience of an award-winning restaurant enjoying Michelin-star cuisine, whilst watching the colourful skyline!

Eager young Chefs arrive at Adu Dhabi from all over the world competing to show off their innovative diverse flavours. One of these inspiring young chefs is called Pang LC, who is the man behind Coya Abu Dhabi, a very sophisticated Peruvian restaurant situated in Al Maryah Island. The upmarket dining experience here offers decadent dishes such as Wagyu sirloin smothered in Chimichurri Sauce, Huayro Potato Causa and Manchego Cheese (mashed potato casserole).

The Abu Dhabi Food and Drink Scene

However, do try the locally based dishes that rely on Middle Eastern culinary traditions that are simple and spicy with mouth-watering delicate flavours. Traditionally, the cuisine includes freshly caught fish, meat and rice, making for a good healthy but appetizing dish. All dishes include a undisclosed mix of spices such as cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper.

Also, you may be rather surprised to find camel on the menu, along with other delicacies such as Majboos (boiled spicy meat that’s been cooked using limes and saffron rice). Another favourite is - Al Madrooba (fish that is quite salty served with various spices and nuts in a thick sauce.

There are also plenty of amazing daytime or evening brunches to enjoy, with choices of sushi, mixed seafood, Persian, Indian and Italian cuisine. The many brunches serve unlimited locally inspired beverages and dishes that include cold meats, lobster tacos, beef tartar charcoal cones, spicy pizza, gorgeous teriyaki salmon and smoky chocolate truffles. The whole experience lasts around three-hours and is a melange of a super fun atmosphere. If you are visiting with children, there are dedicated menus at all brunches and most restaurant for the kids.

The more popular tourist areas, boast upmarket dining inviting you to sample cuisine from countries all around the world. The international restaurant scene is vibrant and buzzing offering everything from culinary Emirati dishes to gourmet French fare and a fusion of Peruvian creations.

Drink Experiences in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has recently relaxed its alcohol restrictions regarding purchasing alcohol. Residents and tourists, are now allowed to purchase alcohol from shops without needing a special licence.

There are plenty of fabulous relaxed rooftop bars that serve creative colourful cocktails. If you are an avid beer fan – check out the many bars and cafes that serve Belgian beers. However, do be aware they are potent and expensive!

Furthermore, you cannot visit Abu Dhabi without leisurely strolling along the Corniche road. The ‘Corniche’ covers eight kilometres of a fabulous waterfront that is full of children’s play areas, cycle pathways and lots of immaculate cafés bars and restaurants. Many of the restaurants on the Corniche tend to favour French and Arabic cuisine. Also, most stay open all day, with never-ending buffet selections and live cooking stations where you can watch the extremely gifted chefs preparing and cooking the many delectable dishes.

‘Opulence’ is the only word to describe Abu Dhabi, and of course it is the perfect holiday destination for a winter escape (average temperature about 22 degrees).

Food and Drink Experiences in Abu Dhabi

Also, you may not realise – but it only takes seven hours from London. So, what are you waiting for? Book with for a once in a lifetime gastronomic adventure!

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