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Taste 2024 is a remarkable 3-day food festival, where anyone can discover a rich tapestry of cuisine from Florence and beyond.

Explore the artistry and passion that goes into every dish, as renowned chefs showcase their skills and share their secrets. Prepare for an unforgettable celebration of the infinite gastronomic wonders that Italy has to offer.

When and Where is Taste 2024 in Florence

Taste 2024: 03 to 05 February 2024, at the Fortezza da Basso.

A wonderful three days brimming with excitement and entertainment, starting daily from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. Secure your spot now with tickets priced at a mere €25.00. Don't miss out on this incredible experience!

Nestled within the formidable Fortezza da Basso fortress, commissioned by Alessandro de’ Medici in the years 1534 to 1537, this architectural marvel served as a military garrison for troops of soldiers.

Aside from hosting this magnificent event, the fortress boasts mighty walls that form an irregular pentagon shape. Within its confines, you'll find the ancient Porta a Faenza in the keep, a remnant of the city's final circle of walls constructed during the 13th century.

Presently, the military structure stands as the paramount showcase and trade fair destination in the city. Here, meticulously renovated historical sites intertwine seamlessly with contemporary spaces, exemplified by the Spadolini Pavilion and the Cavaniglia Pavilion.

An Introduction to Taste 2024

This is the 17th edition of Taste - an event that brings together passionate chefs and food enthusiasts to revel in a sensory feast. It is a vibrant ambiance, where you will witness the artistry of culinary craftsmanship first-hand.

Talented chefs will skilfully craft a rich tapestry of culinary traditions, weaving together innovative techniques and tantalizing creations that will evoke an insatiable desire for more.

At the fair, you'll be delighted to discover an expansive array of top-quality kitchen and home essentials. From state-of-the-art appliances to stylish decor, the selection caters not only to industry professionals but also captivates a significant following from the public, thanks to its wide appeal.

Fancy Something a Bit Different in Florence?

With its diverse range of offerings, the fair promises to be an extraordinary experience, where both professionals and enthusiasts can explore in the latest trends and innovations in the world of kitchen and home essentials.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled chance to delve into the cutting-edge trends that are currently shaping the ever-evolving and innovative food industry. Explore a diverse array of exhibitors, showcasing a wide range of culinary delights from around the globe.

Witness first-hand the latest breakthroughs, and mouth-watering samples, and connect with industry experts, all within the inspiring atmosphere of this extraordinary event.

Food and Drink Tours in Florence

Discover more about Taste 2024, dedicated to culinary excellence and food choices by booking your tickets today! Fancy joining a food and wine tour or a luxury dinner at a fine dining restaurant? See here for more info about our top 3 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Florence. The team at tabl. are here to provide you with exceptional support. Reach out through our live online chat or simply drop us an email at [email protected].

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